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quick sale

As it looks a lot less like I'll have the money to get the Christmas presents I want to buy and because I also want to clear up some space in my room, I'm starting to thoroughly weed out my personal collection. Right now I want to do a quick plush sale, but later on I'll have figures and such and at the last moment, an eBay lot with whatever remains.


-All prices are in USD and shipping for each plush will be $5.50 to the USA and $6.00 outside of the USA. This includes paypal fees and packaging along with postage.
-I not accept haggling unless specified otherwise and I will only accept a trade for an official Zapdos plush of any sort, as it's all I need to complete one of my collections.

Vaporeon Pokedoll (with original hang and tush tag)
Espeon - (with original hang and tush tag) - $40 or best offer
Grovyle - $20 or best offer $15
TOMY Buizel (lacks hang tag but has tush tag) - $20
Skymin Friends Plush - $10 (shipping is only $3.00!)
Skymin Lottery Pouch (mint in bag) - $10 or best offer $8 (shipping is only $3.00!)
Tags: buizel, espeon, grovyle, plush, sales, shaymin, vaporeon
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