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Small gets

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while :C I've been pretty broke recently which means not alot of new pokemon merch. I have gotten a few things over the last few months though!

It's not the biggest gets, but I'm still happy. :3
The shiny Lopunny is a custom by mars741 on tumblr (They even sent me a lopunny card with it *u*)
I'm in love with the Mega Lopunny bromide though. <3 So sparkly

This was actually my first Y!J purchice. I spent more than I intended to on it (I didn't reallize how fast middleman fees rack up :C). But I'm super excited I finally got it. I first saw the protractor when I was looking for Lopunnny Bromide. I found it a few days later on y!j. I've since popped out the rulers and have the protractor on display. The ruler will prob be put to use in my art. :3

This came with the ruler set. I'm honestly not quite sure what It is but i'm assuming it's a pencil case?

I'm addicted to redbubble stickers. I was buying some Cullen (Dragon Age) stickers and decided to grab some cute pokemon too.

As always I'm always on the look out for any Lopunny merch I don't have.
Tags: gets, lopunny
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