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Pika mania gets! + SALES!!!

Just wanted to squee quickly about these pikachu mania gets XD~

Thinking about hanging them on the back side of my work desk which is already littered with pokemon stuff hahaha. I've got the PokeCenter Helping Pikachu figures, PUTITTO cup figures and the pikazard figures along with a few other random guys all around my desk (and I've got extras of these that're on my sales post!!). Had an office move recently and found someone with a large Pikachu plush on their desk but it seems to belong to some big guy and I'm nervous to approach them about it lol, so I think I'll just sneak a pic of it if I'm able to get in early enough before other people come into the office XD

I got the pikachu ketchup cap figures too but they're too precious for me to display them outside the white boxes they come in atm D: I suppose I wouldn't have display room until I can move into a bigger place.

Charizard is my all-time favorite Pokemon but it's VERY hard not to have a huge Pikachu collection as a result of collecting in general ORZ ORZ well, Pikachu is probably my strongest character in Smash 4 (if not Kirby, but that's for CPU players lolol), so it works out? :3 One day I'll do a display of Smash fighters with their amiibos >w<

So anyway then...~ sales plug!

Pretty big updates as of recent! I've added a big bunch of plush, PokeCenter figures, ippai figures, stamps and LOTS more~~~
Preview of items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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