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Leftover convention stock sales

Hey guys! I just had a local convention and I've got some leftover handmade Pokemon items that didn't sell over the weekend. I discounted them a bit as well, so if you like customs feel free to take a look!

General Policies
*All Pokemon Collectors community rules apply
*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014
*Feedback can be found at:
*I ship from Orlando FL, USA and I am open to international shipping
*I only accept Paypal and Google Wallet at this time
*Haggling is not accepted unless otherwise stated
*My items come from a smoke-free but pet friendly home so please be aware! I will always make sure items are kept away from animals but do understand that a stray hair or two can sometimes find it's way into things.
*Asking for a quote will not guarantee an item for you! You must let me know you are committed to an item in order for me to reserve it for you.
*I will not hold items for more than 48 hours.
*Payment is due 24 hours after commitment. Paying late or backing out of committed purchases can result in negative or neutral feedback.
*I do my best to list accurate descriptions of the condition of all items. If you are concerned about the condition please ask me about an item and I will be happy to provide additional pictures for you. I am not responsible for this after shipping if you do not inquire about the item beforehand.
*When making payment, please put your USERNAME and the item you bought in the notes! ;)

Big Ditto 1 (left side), and Big Ditto 2 (right side) : $12 each Ultra cuddle fleece. 8 inches tall.
Little Ditto : $6 Ultra cuddle fleece. 4 inches tall.
Espeon Laying Plush : $25 Ultra cuddle fleece with felt details and painted plastic gem. The gem is a painted safety-eye so it's very securely snapped on to the plush.
Umbreon Laying Plush : $20 Ultra cuddle fleece with felt details. Back of his head's fabric is wrong side out. Dx Still very fluffy and not very noticeable (I didn't notice until he was completely constructed).
Togepi Egg keychain : $4 Ultra cuddle fleece with felt, pattern on both sides.

Pokemon Mystery Eggs (Several left) : $3 each. Small felt handsewn figures in plastic eggs with "rare candy". There's a mix of generations though most are from Gen 1 and 2. These are a mystery/blind bag item so you don't know who you will be getting!

Decorative hair ties : $2 each. Handsewn felt attached to stretchy fabric hair ties. Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Diglett, Sandslash.

Painted Energy Cards : $3 each. Upcycled Energy cards (These are from old TCG sets and were not in perfect condition before painting). Acrylic with a sealed matte finish. Meowth, Shroomish, Vulpix, Ninetales, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon.

Magnets : $4 each. Made of sculpey with rounded magnets adhered to the back. Jolteon, Umbreon

Puzzles : $10 each. Drawn in prismacolor marker. Pieces are pre-cut but not fully broken apart yet. Pikachu, Gengar.

I also added two big items to my regular sales, a play-by-play Sandshrew and an electronic battle bank. Sales Post Here
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