espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

y!j help + get!

hey all!! ven here andddd i received my luxray kid figure today from user hantsukihaunter!!! thank you so much!! :D
she's adorable and im happy to have her as a part of my collection!!! <33

heres a bonus picture of my new Arrangement >:3

its kinda dark but! RAINBOW!!!!!!

now, id like to ask for a little help! ive never bought from yahoo japan before, but my birthday is in 2 months and id like to know how the buyee middleman service works!!

i know that its ~6-7 dollars in fees + the amount of the item you bid on/buy, but is that all? does it cost more money to have the middlemen ship the item(s) to your house??? i feel like thats basically how it works, but im not sure, so if anyone could tell me, id really appreciate it!!!! ^^

 i'm expecting a shinx clipping figure and a shinx kid in the mail soon as well so i will post again when i recieve them! thanks for reading!! see ya soon! <3
Tags: collection update, gets
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