Laleigh Alexandrea (jirachi_wish90) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laleigh Alexandrea

Collection Update

Well I'm a few days from a grail arrival (let me tell you how super excited I am for this Teeny Grail! So my main collections are Ralts line, all the butterflies and moths (butterfree venomoth beautifly dustox masquerian mothim vivillon volcarona lines) and fennekin line and cottonee line. I would consider trading (I'm very certain I have 10+ feedback but if this isn't allowed I will edit) some of the eeveelution things and other random things for things in my main collections. Always looking for figures (and plush for my poor lacking moth and butterfly collection) as well as customs!
EDIT: resized pics sorry about that

Heres the overview of my collection. Not pictured is the Hasbro Butterfree (she had flew to another basket to nap because shes a little bit of a lazy bum lol. And the Movie DX Fennekin. She is in the picture just hiding.

Also glass jars hold my zukans which I forgot to put out and metal coins. I have a cat and a dog who love to play with my things.

Now the text throws me off it says (c) 2001 Nintendo the great ball has (c) 1997 Nintendo (so I definitely know they don't actually go together) could someone tell me what they think this is? I've never seen another figure even close (or ralts figure in general to be honest)

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