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✿ Wanted: Serena! & Finished Furret Plushie! & Affiliates! ✿

Hello everyone!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Livejournal has been a pain in the tushy for me today. Not letting me on at all, or loading veryyy slowly! However i have something rather important (imo) to post! I have like 20 messages in my inbox, so if i owe you a reply ill be getting to that right after posting this! :D

First! I'm looking for Serena related items! Please show me what is out there! Serena has definitely become my favorite Pokemon anime female character. I'd really like a figure or something, but first i'd like to see what is out there for her! Does anyone here collect her? C:
I may or may not have cried when i saw this episode...

Next, i made my very first plushie!!

A wild SHINY furret appeared!!

This longgg noodle is 52 inches from nose to tail! That's over 4 feet!


"Mamma, rub mah belly!!"


He is a perfect scarf!

Making himself at home in my cat bed hehe.

His name is Boop because his precious feets are good for nose boopin'. This was my very first time learning needle-sculpting(for the toes), and ladder stitching(for the ears and stuffing hole)! The face details, ear tips, and paw pads were all hand sewn. He has a few noticeable flaws, but i am still very very proud of how my little(or should i say enormous) Boop came out!! I didn't expect him to be quite so long but he makes a very nice scarf! Also, this was my very first time creating and using a pattern! If i make another furret, ill do some tweaking to the pattern i made. Furret's design is pretty simple which, along with the color choice of fabric i already have(from my slurpuff kigurumi), is why i chose to make him my first plush attempt!
I had a really fun time making him! I can't wait to start making more friends and possibly taking commissions someday!

PS- if any plush artists here have any criticism or advice for me, please please lend me your wisdom! I very much appreciate it! :D <3

Also! I made an affiliate page on my website here! (stalkingsuicune's idea!)
If anyone would like to exchange banners/collection sites, please let me know and i'll add you!
Here is my banner and link:
I'll make a more creative banner someday!

Now i'm headed out to answer inbox messages and start on starpurrloin's sketch! <3

Anyhoo, that's all for today! Thank you all for looking! <3 :D
~Ziggy" />
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