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Collection Update + New Gets

Good afternoon Pkmncollectors!

I have a few new gets to share (I even made a photostory!) and I finally got my collection unpacked and organized in a good way so I have pics of the setup too. Finally I have a sketch idea for a plush I may try to make!

Firstly, I just created a new Instagram account for Pokemerch pics only so follow me by clicking the piccy if you are interested!

Onto the Gets...

Since Dr. Pikachu and Mr. Kibbles are the smartest plushies in the collection, it falls to them to inspect new packages...

Soo Pikados and Carnival Pikachu Mascot! :D I wasn't sure about the Mascot plush, but it was such a great quality I went ahead and ordered a PikaGengar Mascot too. :D Pikados is SO SOFT. I am Team Pikados over Team Pikazard >_>

And yes, Kibbles had to move from the Pretend Pikachu area, but he gets a new special shelf so it's no worries. ^_^ Does his Battle Roundtable colleague ever arrive??? Stay tuned.

Mail from the Netherlands! Mini!Kibbles is here! And he brought friends :3 Thank you suzanneespeon !

And here is how I have everything displayed now. :D

The plushie throne! Darkrai rides Dedenne, King Munch lords over all the tiny Pokemon, and Corpulent Pika displays all my medals/running goodies.

Closeup of all the Friends Plush chillin in the crown.

See? Kibbles gets a NEW shelf with my very favorite rare special Pika. The Pokemon Center Chus sit on top of the bookcase with figures and tags/cards/art go on the board.

The new shelf also has hangers for my handmade bell plushies, keychains, and such. Mini!Kibbles sits next to Kibbles too. :3

Keshimon and Minicots sit up here as well out of reach of the kitty.

The noteboard has tags and pins and cards and all sorts of goodies. :D


Such prettys <3


All my dressed up chus so far. :D And some figures and keychains too.


Dr. Pikachu guards the Bell Plushies


The other end of the bookcase is mostly figures but Darkrai Pokedoll watches over all.


Yay for having both original Darkrai Tomys now! :D



I've got my kids and Pokedolls in this little cubby with my books and cards. I am very excited to have a MIB 1998 DX Clear Kids set with Surfing Pikachu on its way to me and will share it when it gets here! :D


Here's a good shot of Corpulent Pika and my medals. I just did the Diva run on Saturday so that's where the Tutu came from lol. The fuzzy helmet is for survivors of the Warrior Dash!

Thanks for reading!

This is the costumed chu I really want to exist. xD I may have to make it myself!


Lastly, (Whew!) Does anybody have this Munchie for sale? Or even better pictures? This is the one item I am 'grail hunting' for. I do know it is a mini mascot plush!

no title

I also had a great job interview today so fingers crossed! :D
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