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"I never thought this will be my grail" grail get + other gets

What could it be?

When I first discovered this community (in April or March I think) I found that some people are not only buying official merch, but also "commissioning" "customs". At first I was very confused "why people want unlicensed things in their collections?" (u-uh, ignorant me, sorry;_;) But after seeing lots of really amazing customs I changed my mind :D Not so long time after I wanted to have my own custom. So when I saw this plush made by angelberries on deviantart:

(photo credit to angelberries on da)

I really, REALLY wanted to have exactly the same plush, but with normal colors (I never was a big fan of shiny-colored Entei).
With my luck this type of plush commissions was closed and I was too shy to ask the artist directly about it. I just forgot about it until one day, accidentally I found a lot of Pokemon plushies with exactly this Entei! I almost screamed with excitement! I immediately sent an ask to the seller if he can sell it separately and he agreed! :D

I cannot simply describe how happy I was when I got this plush. I never believed that I'll own it or never considered searching for it. It was pure, incredible luck! :D I think I can call it my grail, because of it. :)

He's really big; around 11 inches, he's made of faux fur with minky details and cashmere feet. He's poseable; can move his legs and head. The faux fur is not very soft but he is awesome anyway! <3 He was made in November last year, so he is almost one year old :D

Look at that grumpy face <3

So adorbs <3

Little feet!

Package from fromjapan (I said byee to buyee because of my previous payment issues)

Banpresto Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl Collectible figures - Entei and Suicune. I was able to get both of them - Entei for super cheap, as the seller made a typo in Entei's name :) and Suicune few days later, when other seller listed all two sets on an auction.

Here are some close-ups of them:

I'm planning to leave them MIP for now. (Seriously, I need to have everything MIP/MIB/NWT, it's an obsession...)

Suicune Tomy Deluxe Figure from 2001. I was able to find one MWT! (I think I need to get a new blanket because Suicune almost can't be seen on this one...)

And a bunch of third movie cards! Not all of them feature Entei, but hey, third movie <3 I ordered some more from ebay and now I almost have a complete set.

Entei Pokemon bank, Banpresto, 2000

Very adorable Entei figure that was an amusement prize. I demand more sitting Entei figures they are so cute <3 Unfortunately, it's not with original packaging :(
He came in a set with Vulpix, Pikachu, Clefairy and, uh, faceless Togepi... D:

(fixed it!)

And Pokemon Center Icebox cookie tin. It came with a lot of freebies from the seller :D (ah, so this is how pan stickers look like D: )

So that's all my gets in a while. My wallet is officially dead and I need to give it some time to recover :( But I hope to post my wants post soon :)

Thank you for reading <3
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