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Clear File Collection Update! + Please take these plush away

Clear File Collection Update

Hello all! It's been a long time, and I have finally sorted out my clear file collection! I have made a separate post on my personal journal, please take a look :D I have photographed about maybe half of them, so there's more to come, which I will update when my next pakage come in ^_^

DSC_1348 (Medium)
(Click for my Clear File Collection - somewhat image heavy)

Clearance plush Sales
Please help me takes these plushes home, they have been sitting here for a while and needs to go. All price includes shipping to anywhere, but excludes fees ($0.3+4.4%). I think these are already quite low price, since shipping would already cost me $3-4 each , so I can't really haggle ^^;

Please make sure to read my sales rules before purchasing - thanks!

Tomy Sitting plush, all JP version
Eevee - $10 SHIPPED anywhere
All others sold

Pokemon Center Standing Eeveelution (TTO), all JP version
Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Sylveon - $14 SHIPPED ANYWERE each

Banpresto Bonsly MWT - $8 SHIPPED Anywhere

Custom Crochet Joltik - $14 SHIPPED ANYHWERE EACH or $24 SHIPPED ANYWHERE for both.
It costed me a lot more to commission these two, they are quite big (around 7" long)

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