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September gets! (& wants!)

So I've had quite a few parcels turn up in the past few days, so I figured I'd post my mid-end September gets now as these will not likely be the last ones until mid-end next month for the sake of my families sanity x3

Mewtwo banpresto, Mewtwo poseable figure (Thank yousugar0coated for the 'twos and 'chu!) Chesnaught Pokedoll, Lapras Type! Banpresto, Fennekin DX Banpresto & Pichu Banpresto

I can't get over how much nicer the Banpresto Fennekin is than its Tomy counterpart ;u;

See how much nicer the face is? I also so prefer the ears on this one, I always felt that the fluffy fabric Tomy used was unwarranted as Fennekins ear fluffs are sleek and well kept, not unruly and unkempt looking.

The Banpresto one certainly captures Fennekins appearance much better from every angle and the fabric is so much nicer to the touch ;u;

Last one, I promise! xD I think the images speak for themselves really, Fennekin/Fokko was my least favourite Kalos starter (both collection wise and in game) until I saw this plush and just how much nicer it is than its Kalos trio tomy counterpart.

I live in the UK, so please keep this in mind if you live outside the UK!

The need is great for this little one, either the 2007 or 2009 version (non-fluffy and fluffy) will work for me c: (image belongs to ebay member meowingmeowth and depicts the 2009 version, the '07 version is exactly the same but with a less fluffy fabric)

Pokecen Naught, Quill, Chespin (Pokedoll), Bulbasaur, April monthly Pikachu & Espurr wanted pokepuff plush (I won a pokepuff espurr on eBay some time ago, and the parcel went missing, so I'm looking again)!

Will likely buy one this month, and work along the list one/two per month until I've got these lovely plushes in my mitts!
Also really interested in those cute pokemon tissues, stamps and note paper c:
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