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pics of San Jose Round 1 Pokemon prizes, 2016 Pokemon Calendar + Sales Plug~

Hi all!

I updated my sales page. I have two Sailor Pikachus, Ghost Pikachu charm, Teeturtle Pokemon in pocket prints, Sleepy New Years Fennekin, Secret Base Ditto, Berries kuji items, etc. I am accepting a little haggling/OBO since money is extremely tight for various personal and collecting reasons. Finding it hard to let go of stuff but need the monies. >_< Click on picture to be transported!

I wish the Pokemon Center release more hoodies now that it's getting close to fall. Anyone have Pokemon Center hoodies specfically the Goomy Damono parka? I have them both in small and medium and they don't fit me the way I'd like it to be. :( I am slim but like my shirts/jackets to have a little room and longer length. The medium is a little too baggy while the small is alright but I feel it's too short on me. Anyone else have this problem? I am debating whether to sell one or just keep them both. I have barely worn them... only wearing them to try it on. If anyone has any interest, I would be happy to sell it for $30 or less depending the offer.

I went to the bookstore the past weekend and saw they had calendars already like the 2016 Pokemon one. Click on the image to zoom in! Sorry about the lighting/glare from the bookstore.

Which month is your favorite? I think mine is September since I love all the starters together! It's cool Latios/Latias get two pages! I still prefer the Japanese one and will get them at my local Japanese bookstore when they come out.

Also, this past weekend I went to Round 1 in San Jose (an arcade/bowling/entertainment center) which opened a couple weeks ago. zora_star made a post about it last week. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and near San Jose check it out! I'm glad we got one here in Northern California now since I heard people really like the locations in Southern California. They have some of the latest games from Japan as well! I wonder if we get Pokken at the arcade/game center at Round 1 since I read they might come to Dave and Busters..?

Check out the Pokemon prize pics on my Tumblr post.

I think the Pokemon prize I'd like to get are these guys! I'll need to win a lot of tickets. XD;;

Lastly, I made a Pokemon goods tumblr. I plan to start uploading my collection pics/gets and local Pokemon finds at the Japanese market and bookstore. Feel free to follow! :D
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