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Updated wants, more gets, and serious mini doll need!

Hey guys, its me with a few gets.
Yes, more mini pokedolls!
I am seriously addicted to these xD
I want more!

First up though, a really special get!
(From nysaurus! Thanks!)

A Mega Sceptile buss pass case!!!

Finally my baby is a Dragon!(I knew you had it in you!;w;)
It's a real dream come true! (Even if it happened when Dragons are no longer the no. 1s in battle...)

Its a really cool item,

this is the packaging.
I have never seen anything like it! And to have been blind packaged and there being 12 other pokemon it could have been, I feel really lucky to have gotten my favorite!

Thanks again nysaurus!

More gets under the cut!:

Pika the 1st(left): "Huh? Who is this?"

From Creampuffoholic, I got yet another mini Pikachu pokedoll! Thank you!

Yep, this is my first exact double! (Though I love their little miniscule differences!)
I try to not repeat xD but this Pikachu is so cute that I couldn't resist!

All the while, I have about 5 Pikachu pokedolls and not a single one is the regular! Yup, how's them apples?

I also received a Sylveon Ippai sticker sheet!
I forgot to photograph the them before I took them out ahhh well.

I love it! Fits right on my phone! Now I can see a mini happy Sylveon all day<3

Next up!

VICTINI! I dont know if I mentioned it already but I briefly stopped playing during gen 5, this one was one of the Pokemon I barely knew existed!
After seeing a lot of peoples posts for the 1:1 Tohoku, I just couldn't resist adding a lovely soothe bell!
And with a cute SPARKLY red ribbon <3

She's so adorable!
The detail on her is just incredible. The wings, those feet, the eyes, even the ears shape.

That said, I want the 2012 keychain version too!

(She also became best buds with Basil for no reason xD)

My mini starter pokedoll collection as of now!
(With Victini!)

Seriously addicted as you can see xD

So, obviously, I need more.
Lots more. Okay maybe not huge amounts but I REALLY need these following guys!

NEED IT, Okay seriously I have lost 7, 7 Kyogre pokedolls over the course of this year. 5 in the last 3 months.
I especially would like this tiny one, either bootie or real.
Of course price differs, but if you have one for sale PLEASE let me know.... ;_;
I can also trade for custom plush/art.

I found some old pics around, and these were booties too? So because of their status I can only offer so much for them. ._.
But I want them so badddd D:

high priority: Rayquaza, Ho oh, Pichu, Shinx, Pachirisu!

If you have ANY of these, or from the same line or other mini pokedolls not on my list do shoot me an offer!
I am always willing to hear it out!

I also will trade for custom plush and art!

Other high priority mini pokedoll wants;

And rest of wants (wants list) here:
That's it! Thanks for reading^^
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