January 1st, 2008


Sales Post!

Just as a note, there may be some shipping delays. I've just moved to another state, but I know where the post office is.

I'll be requesting that the in-case figures be shipped to me this week. As soon as I receive them from SMJ, I will post an update.

I apologize for not getting back to some of you about your sales - these past three weeks have been very hectic to me, and rest assured that I WILL get back to you.

EDIT: - Added one more image of small figures! Forgot to put it in the first time!

Thinning out my collection some.


Some things are for auction, and some you can buy out-right. ^_^


Not pictured in the preview, but I'm selling a pink eevee hoodie from the pokemon centre website. The photos don't do the colour justice (it's quite pink!), and has only been worn once by me a few years ago.

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bat face

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Hey pkmncollectors, i was looking at the cards serebii had and i found this card

do any of you own this/know where i can get it? Cause it's a really cool looking card and it's like awesome. Thanks. ^^

I have a real store now!

http://secretspokemart.ecrater.com/ I've started putting up a lot of the random commons/uncommons in my collection. I'm getting buried in them, and I need to sell some of them. Take a look at my store, and read my terms/conditions for information on combined shipping. I don't want to charge 10.00 shipping for 5 cards. that's just dumb, but there's no way that I'm aware of to change shipping prices to that.