January 2nd, 2008

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Help me classify these 'cards'

I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed, so sorry in advance and i'll delete if need be XD (I just figured you guys were the smartest of the bunch, and the rules didn't really specify anything against this type of post.)

Anyways, I collected cards when I was younger (like most) and stumbled upon a few that I just can't...identify. As in, I have no idea where these weird 'cards' came from, if they're worth anything, are fake, anything. So if someone could help me identify what they ARE and classify them that would be awesome! :3 (pictures behind the cut)

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looking for shiny kids figures

Any and all. I don't care which ones they are, as long as they're shiny~

Also, do the shiny ones come in clear too? Not that I'd want to buy those, I'm just wondering.

Happy New Year~

I have a bunch of Pokemon cards I'd like to sell, some of which include Manaphy, Lucario and Mew.. and I have some old ones like Rocket's Zapdos, and Surge's Jolteon, Japanese Erika's Venusaur...and if anyone wants them, let me know. I don't want to charge a huge price for them.
And before I forget, I got some Pokemon Trading Figures that.. well. I don't know why I bought them. They are Piplup and Raichu. < 3
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Hey y'all. If you ordered and paid for your stickers on the very first day of my sales post, your stickers were sent out the next day, with about three exceptions because I ran out of stamps, or included toppers (or forgot to include something). Going to the post office tomorrow, so everyone else who's paid up to this point, start watchin' your mailboxes soon!

And also, lightofapollo: For the LIFE of me, I cannot find the Scyther topper. I don't ever recall selling/giving away the second one. Ugh. So if you'd like any other topper, I'll be more than happy to include that instead of Scyther and if I find the Scyther, to let you know. Or, I'd be happy to give you a refund of the $4.50 he costed. I'm so sorry about this! ; ~;

In other news, I was browsing the Orlando area Craig's List yesterday and look what I stumbled across someone selling:

:O They say it needs paper.

Edit: If there's enough interest, I'll go ahead and make an offer. I just don't want to get this and then only have a few people request to use it. x3
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New stuff added to my collection!

Hi again ^-^ this morning a package arrived to my house(at least).

What this...

Glaceon!, Lucario!

:O ?...

Shinx!!, it's a Shinx!!!. Is very cute...

I love Eeveevolutions and Lucario! :3333.

Piplup from Mystery dungeon!.

And here are all the figures ^-^ very cute, it isn´t? somebody else have them? I´ll bought them on eBay (the only place where I can get something of Pokemon, in fact).

See ya :3.
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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shadowsoflove, the Starly figure came today! ...but oh noes, I accidently broke her little peg because it wouldn't fit in the base or the bird. ;_; Did you have trouble with it as well?

Anyhow, I can still balance her on the base, so it's no biggie. Thank you! ♥

My current Starly family collection! I found the Jakks plushie (affectionately dubbed as Filo) while Christmas shopping and just HAD to have her since I never knew that they made a Starly plush. :D I absolutely adore the poké-starlinghawk family!

New here, wanted to say hello!

Hi all! I've finally decided to join the community and thought I'd say hi!

I'm chrissii's boyfriend and frequently look over her shoulder while she's browsing. I thought I'd join since I see lots of cool stuff I like too and can start spending my money here as well. :P

Um, don't know what else to say, really, except I'm excited to get to know you all. :D


I would just like to send out a HUGE thanks to usakochan for the Abra hoodie!!

It is LOVE...

I would've posted ealier, as i got it monday and I was trying to get a pic of me in it, but alas, my camera is broken...one day, you will get that picture...one day...

if no one wants this post up here, i can delete it?? 

Uncreative post.

Slightly updated collection post - you may notice a few new things since I've last posted a collection post (which has been a little while, I think.)

It shows some of my new stuff in my 'new environment.' No shelving yet, though.

Edit: Ugh, it would appear photobucket is acting up tonight - I just checked my coding, and it's photobucket, not me. :/


I originally planned to do a photo-story, but I'm just too tired. x-X

VERY image heavy.

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star wars cial nixon?!


i got a new toy in the mail today

...heee <3

also, if anyone remembers i was on a mission from god related to obtaining like a zillion skunpoo pokemon kids and pretending they don't exist ...i did a count thismorning.

i have about 130.
skunpoo pokemon kids.

four are clear.
there's your odds!
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Mini Collectors Rant

Does it sadden anyone else to see that it seems like the only new Pokémon plushies that have been released are chibis?
This has been bugging me for the longest time. The chibis are cute and all, but I also like realistically-proportioned Pokémon (I use 'realistic' in the loosest way possible, all things considered).
And they're so hard and small and uncuddly. I'm mostly talking about the line of Pokémon Center plush and the UFO catchers. I guess they're more aimed at collectors than kids.

The new American Jakks Pacific ones show promise, but most of them are way too small for hugging. I did see a big bin of GIANT Jakks fleece Turtwigs and Pikachus at my local KB Toys though. Those 'cuddle pillows' are the best I've seen so far when it comes to a huggable Pokémon plush.

I just wish they'd have as much attention to detail and quality materials as Disney's plushies. The major movie characters always come in small beanbag plush, medium sized plush, and large plush- and they're all made with the same really high-quality materials. My Djali, Koda, Meeko, and Thumper are all extremely well made and soft.

I might just write Jakks Pacific and ask them for more selection in those giant plushies.