January 3rd, 2008

Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

In the past 2 months, I've caught 'em all :D

So I decided to show you with crappily taken cellphone pictures! Rock on! Maybe one day I will get a digital camera 8,,,,dDD<,DD

My shelf that holds my collection:

Funny thing is, I could've sworn this thing was pretty empty around the beginning of November...huh. 8,D

On the top shelf, we have: (left to right) Bupig kids which didn't make it into the picture (but I assure you he's amazing 8,D) Latias kids, Empoleon Chou getto, Vaporeon re-released TOMY Monster collection, Uxie chou getto, Pikachu Mystery dungeon figure, Luxio chou getto omg gsdkal;fs <333, tiny tiny Buizel capsule figure, Zigzagoon TOMY Monster collection figure and Ziggy/Massuguma zukan <3 (towards the back) Kadabra collection (also towards the back), Manaphy collection, Spinda collection, Rentoraa and Luxio kids, Banebu and Kadabra blocks, and Pachirisu figures.

If you squint you can ALMOST SEE THEM! 8,D

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EDIT: GIN GAVE ME MOST OF THE THINGS MENTIONED ABOVE <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 there are you happy now no tosses teh Sannimaru ;-;

ATTENSION Gutterhorse

I bought a Japanese model of Mewtwo a good few weeks ago and i still havent got it....now i realise that you are not sending it from Britain but it has been a very long time!
I also sent you a few emails but you didnt reply????

Have you sent the figure yet?

I'm not too happy coz it was suppose to be an x-mas present...
IT&#39;S GIN!

(no subject)

okay! stuff!
all sunyshore orders go out first thing tomorrow! yaaaay for the end of new years!!! @_@

after packing everything it turned out i had not one, not two, but THREE extra Luxray plush. i have put one on ebay and one was sold privately to a community member who made me most sad to watch them fail to get luxray each time i updated with it.

the ebay one i doubt will stay very cheap (the first luxray on ebay was one of mine and it sold for an incredible 93.00.... whut). so, i have this last luxray. i want to offer it to the community. but it's only one luxray. should i offer it as a prize? should i take offers from you guys? i expect many of you are still looking for luxy, as there have not been many on Y!J and they got expensive as well. so what do i do with it? ;_;

i also have a gigantic venusaur and pikachu on ebay! they are very expensive and very rare plushies, so i hope someone can give them a loving home, despite their shipping costs.

speaking of gigantic venusaur... he wants to show you something!

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WoW - Khadgar


Ok folks, I have decided to do a little "Shop Cleaning" here for the New Year...All Kids Figures that have been dwelling in my shop for a while have been majorly reduced!!!! From regulars to the rarer clears....

Click the cut to see what is available...

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Clear Kids:

ALL CLEAR KIDS ARE $3.00 each...
OR ALL 7 FOR $19.00 

 Pikachu is SOLD
Omanyte is SOLD
Bulbasaur is SOLD
Kangaskhan is SOLD
Charizard is ON HOLD
Blastoise is SOLD

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NonClear Kids:

Onyx - $3.00 SALE $2.00
Machop - $1.00
Venomoth - $2.00 SALE $1.00
Noctowl - $4.00 SALE $3.00
Sudoowoodoo - $2.00 SALE $1.00

OR ALL 3 FOR $4.00 

Venomoth is SOLD
Onyx is SOLD

Also, up for auction is this cut little mint Clear Eevee...Bidding starts at $6.00 and the auction will end next Thursday at Noon...


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Lucky Star: Oversoul

Pokemon Friends

I have a question to you all!

What pokemon friends plushes are people looking to obtain right now? My current obsession is jolteon~

I was looking around for him and got curious =3

Yeah, I'm waiting on a lot of stuff to come, and when it does, I will have an updated collection post of sorts! ^^

Things bought from me will be mailed off either tomorrow or monday. The group buy I tried to do fell through, I had too many people commenting and then deleting their comments, otherwise I probably would have had enough.
Pokemon - Buds

Cheaper Jakks Raichu? :O

Well, at Target today I STILL haven't seen the new plushies.


Jakks has a new line of toy sets out that is basically just a multipack of what they've released as singles in the past.
It's two figures and a "base" thing that you can hook to other bases and launch the toys at eachother.

One set is a Pikachu and RAICHU <3
Stupidly, I didn't pick it up, but I should go back and try to get one.
It's $10 per pack (from what I could find) and it's much cheaper to get the Raichu now than it was before.

Just a heads up for any Raichu collectors out there. There's still hope to not have to pay what... $30? for one figure ^^

New rule, maybe. Or just a suggestion?

On average, this community gets over 12 posts a day. Which is absolutely wonderful, because in the beginning we could just about get one, but at the same time, a good chunk of these posts are short and made for the sole purpose of contacting other members ("hey, so-and-so, I received my package!" "you, you and you, I sent your things today!"). I am not pointing any fingers, because, hell, I'm super guilty of this as well. I just made an entry a few post down contacting a mere two people. Whether or not this makes my a hypocrite, I don't care, but I think it needs to be cut down.

So, my suggestion and possible rule (with conformation/feedback from the mods and members):

Need to contact someone? Ever hear of e-mail?:
Yes, it may be annoying to search through everyone's e-mails. Some people may not even have their e-mails listed (note to self: create that damn contact post that you were going to make years ago D:), but if you can find it, e-mail them! If not e-mail, then use LJ's handy messaging system.

Do not make "contacting posts", UNLESS you are trying to get a hold of more than 8 people:
Yes, I mentioned e-mail and LJ messaging. There's instant messaging and commenting as well, but contacting many people at once is a pain in the ass, I know. If you have a lot of people to say something to at once, you can put it here. One person? No. Two people? No. And so on. Wait until you have received ALL of the things you ordered and then let everyone know that you have received your items.

Try to make your "contacting post" relevant to collecting/selling:
You can contact people and make it relevant to the community all in one post! Kill two birds with one stone. You can add it to the top of your sales post or post a picture of your collection along with it. As long as you don't Google an image of a Pikachu plush that everyone has seen, post it and say, "CUTE PIKACHU LOL oh btw i got ur package". Or, if you received something, take a picture of it. This way you can let the seller know you have received the item AND show off a new piece of your collection at the same time.

Slightly irrelevant, but still relevant:
This is a SPECIFIC Pokemon community. Please do not cross-post entries here that belong in general Pokemon communities, unless it has to do with Pokemon collecting (of course). I haven't noticed this a lot, but I have noticed it.

Also, please do not make more than TWO posts in one day. Please, please, PLEASE. Edit your original post or say everything you want to say in one entry. Once again, not maybe people do it, but some people still do. Just.. don't. XD

Sorry for the ranting and I apologize if I came off as an asshole to anybody. I'm not mad at anyone. Like I said, I am guilty of a lot of this as well.

Thanks everyone!

- Sam

(Edit: What do you guys think of a layout contest for the community? :D I have no idea what to offer as a prize, any ideas?)
Superior, Xemnas

Possible Japan trip?

Hey guys!

I'm planning on going back to Japan this year again. But I was wondering - Would anyone be interested in going with me or meeting up at Japan itself?
I'm sure some of you have the money to go, but just don't have anyone who will travel with you. We could book the same flight, same hotel, etc. or for those outside the UK, meet up at the airport.
We're flexible with dates. Whilst we're over there, we could visit the Pokemon Center, meet up with Gin while we're at it, and visit some other areas of the country too (I myself really want to visit the Square Enix Showroom this time for example).

If anyone's interested, let me know. We can sort out dates and everything.

And, to tempt people and show them what they could buy make this post interesting for people who aren't even in the slightest interested in going to Japan (?!?!), here's an upcoming plushie release from Tomy.

(no subject)


I have some extra cards i'm not using and... I was thinking of selling them. I have quite a bit but i wasn't too sure what to charge people since i'm not great at putting prices on things. Just make me an offer and I'll probably take it since I generally trust this community. (: Oh... there is quite a bit of pictures under the cut.

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ur are special

(no subject)

well, we had a pokoday today.

i finally got a shot of my kiraras_lemon backpack ON me! :D i won't pretend it hasnt gotten a TON of attention. today we went to a cute little town inside of a building, called namja town (they have gyouza stadium, ice cream city, and a haunted ghost city, etc). in ice cream city's arcade we went to see if they had rentorah and arcanine plush AND THEY DID! but they were nearly impossible to win due to the machine being a very retarded money sucking machine. anyway.

the announcer people took notice of rentybackpack and started yelling into the microphone "YES POKEMON IS GREAT.....RENTORAH, SHE IS AN ELECTRIC TYPE POKEMON....AH, THIS GIRL WANTS RENTORAH..." i tried and got one rentorah out of the machine and about 4 costumed staff ran over banging things and ringing bells and screaming "YOU GOT RENTORAH!! RENTORAH GETTO DAZE!!!"

holy crap it was embarassing. they also made the UFO catcher i got out kiss the backpack. god they were so adorable D:

so here i am in my boy's ugly jacket outside of the pokemon center :D items inside of rentorah: a rattata bag full of a pikachu blanket/pillow/plush thing and some chougetto.

you can see the lifesize charmander/pikachu statues (you cant see pocchama), they are signed by ken sugimori and company :D the palkia is about the size of... a horse i guess. there is a matching dialga blocked by the door. ah well :D i think the sign talks about how right now they are giving away milotic if you access wifi inside the poke center... next week they start a new pokemon :D exciting!


Auctions Ended/Shipping Info/Etc

The auctions ended from my last post - here is the info you need!

Auction Winners

Please send payments to: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com

Prices include shipping.

-Lati** Zukan - eifia - $27
-Shiny Absol Figure (plus Kanghaskan MD gashapon) - kari_xiii - $22
-Clear Eevee - shadowsoflove - $10 - PAID
-Shiny Charmander (plus Pachirisu and Shiny Dustox) - taycs - $24 - PAID

All orders including those from my post a few days ago will be mailed in around one week - sorry for the delay. This is all due to me moving.

I've still got plenty of stuff left for sale, too: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/591324.html#comments
nethie vulpix


*is new, jumps right in, is Neth, 27, and met her fiance through Pokemon*

I'm taking Arbeecee to work tomorrow. He's awesome. This is Arbeecee:


And here he is in the coats:


He is my stuffed Charmander and my largest Pokemon plushie. He stands at about 16" tall. This makes him 8" shorter than a real Charmander. That's why he's Arbeecee--it stands for RBC, or Runty Baby Charmander.