January 4th, 2008

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Your stationery, let you show me it!

I'm planning for uni this year, which starts back in a month and a half, and I've decided that I want to become known as "that crazy girl, you know, the Pokémon one?". (Which is why I've been buying up keychains like whoa, my bag's gonna be pimpin'! And I have two wallets to choose from, though I do want more~) So~ I need Pokémon stuff!

Specifically, I'm after
- pens & pencils
- erasers
- a pencilcase and/or pencil tin (I prefer pencil tins, but ones of a decent size, since I stuff them with... stuff)
- rulers
- notebooks
- stickers (probably sheets, they'd be cheaper)
- any other stationery you may be able to think of :3 (notepaper is pretty much taken care of, but I'll consider it if it's cheap XD)

and preferably things that aren't expensive, I have some money at the moment but my budget isn't unlimited! XD; Oh, and I live in Australia, so shipping is to there. I'd say I want to keep all my buying down below $30 total including shipping.

Multiples are welcome, if I only buy one of things I won't want to use them :x

Also, I'll be away January 6-20, so it'll be hard to get in contact with me then - if there's anything urgent, get in touch with nervous_neuron or darkyo and force 'em to SMS me or something. XD; (And obviously I won't reply to comments made in that time until I get back)
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My love/hate with Jakks Pacific

I've grown a liking to some of Jakk's Pokemon figures but need to get something off my chest.. You gotta hand it to the marketing "geniuses" over at Jakks for marketing the same f**king figures over and over again.  It's a tad annoying y'know? I've seen the same figures sold in packets of 3, single packets, figures in a tube, and the lastest, the diorama figure set.  Do they honestly think kids and the people who buy these are that dense?!

I bet their main selling point for the idea was "Hey! The figures are in a totally different packaging so the consumers will think they're  different even though they look identical to the ones we released already!"

Another rant is the Pokemon they chose to sell. We have Machop and Geodude..2 of the most annoying Pokemon in the world.  If you played the video games then you understand. but no Flygon? What's wrong with this picture?

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hey i recieved my rayquaza hat today (actucally yesturday.) i'm sorry there's no pictures my sister took her digital camera with her to her friends house so i'll have to steal it later. But it's much better quality then i thought it would be. it does like squeeze your head so that's kinda uncomfy but whatever.

i'm so disapointed in my highschool. I wore it to school today and 8 people out of like 2,000 could reconize what was on my head. Everyone was like what the hell is on your head. and i'm like what do you think it's a hat! Twas it funny. it was really a good time, cause this random girl at lunch was like where did you get that hat i want that hat! and i was like do you know who it is? and she was like no. then i laughed. my school is in high need of pokemon teachings.
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it's another game of what's in sam's old house!
last one before i leave mum's house and go back to mine :3

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not selling any of this... yet.
i might take photos of the humongous poster collection i have when i get back home :3

Banpresto Electivire Auction! pics added!

Up for bids is a brand new, with tags Banpresto Electivire plushie! The plush is roughly 8 inches tall, and one of the cutest things ever! I don't have a picture of it at the moment, because I don't have my camera on me, but I think it's the same one that's in Heerosferret's image of electric madness! Bidding starts at 20.00, and shipping will be 5.00 to the US and canada, and 7.00 to the rest of the world! Bidding will end on Sunday night at 10PM EST!

For anyone else who's interested, I also have access to Magmortar, Cranidos, Stunky, Likylicky, and Buizel, all of which are these Banpresto plushies that are about the same size. Let's just say all of these pictured.....I can get....until sunday.

Electivire is in hand! The others, I would need to purchase first.

Superior, Xemnas

Small Sales Post

Just a quick sales post. I found some of my Action Flipz (Adv. Gen version) and thought I'd see if anyone was interested in the swaps.

EDIT: Moved to store_xiii!

They contain all their evolutions (If single, then another pose).
Prices include Paypal fees. Shipping anywhere will be $2, and you can combine with stuff from store_xiii.
I'll also accept trades, check out Store XIII to see what I'm interested in. I accept haggling too.