January 6th, 2008

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Random amusement from plushies? (Just me?)

Last post I promise!

Revision is boring. Having already seen just how many pokemon related things I could fit on my person (two grabby plushes on my sleeves, two phone charms dangling from my ears, two plushes in my pockets, a plush with it's head poking out of my jacket, and a plush on my head) I was still staring into space and bored.
Then my plushes, they give unto me a gutterminded idea...

Warning: Surprise buttsecks in plush form...

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I refuse to believe that I'm the only person who does these, SICK, and, WRONG, things with my plushies? XDDD
The faces, they're just... so perfect *crying laughing*

I don't play with my toys, they play with each other. I just take the photos ;3

(...Poor shinx) D=

New to the community ^^ + collection pics ( bad quality sorry ._. )

 Well to start I want to say hi, I have been on LJ for ages but never, ever used it XD, Ive used things to help my pokemon collection grow but I think this is gonna be the best place Im gonna be, I hope im doing everything okay ^^; some people may know me. But I wanna ask something as well on this post.

( I will be posting my collection.. @_@ soon ) But could I ask a question, many uk shipping sellers here? Because I plan..on spending allot at times X3; Just intreasted in knowing. At the same time may I ask someone here if they know if there is any sandslash merchandise as I have NEVER Seen much ( only a keyring and two figures ) Ive heard of a plush toy of him but Ive never seen it.
Hope I can be of good service here ^^; thanks and sorry if I do anything wrong

eww bad pics time, this may be heavy image load soo..
http://i5.tinypic.com/7yqgsg8.jpg - part of my room

http://i19.tinypic.com/6pgw4nc.jpg - Eevees and shrew ( bad quality sorry X_X )

http://i4.tinypic.com/8ei7mv9.jpg close up on SOME plushies I own, I have..heaps..more x.x

http://i13.tinypic.com/8efzip4.jpg top of one of my shelves

my work space ( yes..work ) - http://i5.tinypic.com/6l2wk6x.jpg
I will post more later I promise o-o;
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New member introduction and favor please? D:

Hi everyone. Just wanted to make a post to introduce myself.  ^__^ My name's Alex and I'm pretty new to Pokemon collecting but not to Pokemon.  I have almost all the handheld games and watched almost all the movies.  My interest in Pokemon collecting began when I bought my first figure a couple weeks ago.  It's the large Dialga from Toys R Us.  I love it.  Now, I'm interested in expandiing my collection to more figures and hopefully some rare ones from Japan. I was referred to this community by a person from Serebii.net.  Some of you probably know and visit that site already.  So, nice to meet everyone and I hope to buy some stuff from the members here real soon.

Now for the second part of this post... I really want to get something off Ebay but the problem is the seller is in the UK and refuses to ship internationally.  I was wondering if there are any members  here from the UK that has an Ebay account and won't mind bidding on the item for me? I'll pay for everything of course including all the shipping fees.  I can't pay you much for your service because I'm a student and only get about $20 a month for allowance. >_>  I am pretty good with Photoshop and can draw you a Pokemon picture if you like. D:  Please let me know if you will be able to do this.  

p.s: does anyone know how much shipping is to North America from the UK? The figures are about 5 inches big?


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there are a whole bunch of us now looking for certain members of the three part plush series, "bell pokemon" plush.

they are from 1998 and extremely rare. some pokemon have only ever had a bell plush made of them (like hitmonchan, scyther, electabuzz, machop, charmeleon, kaputops, gloom, etc). i will now tell you all i know about them!

here is the (mostly?) complete list.

charmander, bulbasaur, jigglypuff, vileplume, dragonite
pidgey, chansey, clefairy, squirtle, mew, hitmonchan,
poliwrath, machop, articuno, moltres, zapdos, pikachu

dratini, vulpix, wartotle, venusaur, slowpoke
sandshrew, caterpie, oddish, fearow, snorlax,
eevee, charmeleon, electabuzz, psyduck, poliwhirl,
scyther, pikachu again.

raichu, slowbro, kabutops, meowth, gloom,
ivysaur, blastoise, charizrd, mewtwo, poliwag,
butterfree, lapras, jolteon, flareon,
vaporeon, dragonair, pikachu again.

i cannot confirm there is a part four, but i know of pidgeotto and more
bell plush that aren't in the other parts. hmmm?

now onto some photos for wanted lists/etc. i KNOW there is a site out there with more photos, but i always forget to frikkin bookmark it! who has it, anyone? help meh out!

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personally? i am dying to get my hands on zapdos and jolteon. i only got electabuzz by INCREDIBLY random chance (he was in a lot of stuff on Y!J one day i randomly chose to browse back hundreds of pages...). my raichu i got from a japanese ex-raichu collector.

there is only a small chance, but i MIGHT be able to get my hands on these... i am not sure if the person will sell. if anyone is really dying for them, i can try though :D