January 7th, 2008


Looking for Scyther

I have a simple question/request... There are two things I'm trying to find, but not too sure if it's going to happen.

The first is the Scyther figure from the TFG. I just can't seem to find him for sale individually for some reason, and he's the only one I want.

The second is a small diorama sort of thing made by (I think) Tomy back in the late '90s that featured Scyther battling a Pikachu. There were several similar sets, but the only other one I can think of was Pikachu versus Mew and another that had a Bulbasaur.

Any help in locating these items would be AWESOME. Also, if you happen to know of any other neat things with Scyther, I'd love to hear about them. He has very little merchandise, and he's my favorite so... I'd just like more than his little 2" figure is all. Thanks a bunch!


Someone in this community wanted me to hold the following Amada stickers. I've forgot his/her name and can't find his/her comment anywhere. I've heard nothing of this user for a month or two, so please comment if you asked me to hold these (or if you happen to know if there're any Cubone/Abra collectors here).

Zigzagoon Ooyama

Small update

Sarah, I received the Scyther Ex (obviously lol), and it's in such great condition. Thank you so much, it looks so cool!

I also went to Target the other day and found one of those "One booster pack + one promo 2 card booster pack + 1 promo holofoil" packs tucked away where it wasn't supposed to be at the cash register I was in line for. It's like it was waiting for me or something. But since I didn't have the promo holo that came in the front (the Pikachu) I grabbed it, but sadly I only got a holo Totodile. But it's okay because I think that's the best totodile card I've seen :D

ALSO, I took a snapshot of the Pokemon corner in the toy area. There were a few more items and areas where the cards were kept, but I was only able to get one ninja snapshot of the main area.
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This trip yesterday also made me realize that I really want a Infernape lv X and Lucario Lv X...and maybe Empoleon Lv X just for OCD purposes. They're so shiny, but I don't want to spend $15 for the box they come in ,_,
Pokemon - Buds


So, the more I look at the PokeKid, the more I realize how much I love the bugger x.x

Okay, well, the post really isn't Dunsparce-specific, but it is Dunsparce-inspired.

Not looking to purchase anything at the moment, but I'd like to know if people have pictures of some of these:
Dunsparce Zukan (or a website with pics of all the Zukan)
Dunsparce Battledome figures (Also looking for a website with a list/pics of all of them)

I like being able to scan through an auction or selling post and spotting exactly what I'm looking for xD

(And as to not spam the comm, updated some things at ragnablade, my selling journal. x3 )