January 8th, 2008

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Mini Sales Post

I'm beginning to attempt to cull parts of my collection and I'm ready to let go of these.

Prices are in USD and I'll ship to anywhere in the world. I accept Paypal, but I don't have an upgraded account so please transfer money to your account first if you plan to pay via credit card. (I'll hold on to your item!)

ETA: I'll also trade for any of these items!

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ur are special

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is anyone here going to katsucon?

me and my sister and a friend are looking for a room to let us in. we are mixed gender and two of us are incredibly otaku pokemon collectors. if you can find it in your heart to give us some sort of lodging, please do let me know! just IM me at "rem rom child" or some other form of contact. we are seasoned con-goers who do not drink or smoke!

to keep this on topic...
I GOT NEW LUXIE THINGS! but i'm not updating my site until i get a certain luxio in the mail... :3

a luxray strap! its a lens cleaner!

new kolink bandaid! god they turned out a lot of lions bandaids O_o

i also have this adorable new portable pika blanket. its on my chair now, but itll be handy on long plane rides :D
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A Mysterious Box Appears At My Door...

Well, the box really isn't a mystery, it is from SMJ of course!!! To celebrate its arrival I decided to do one of those box opening posts that many other community members have been delighting us with. Though bare with me, this is my first time doing a post like this and my sense of humor tends to be a little dry and unique.

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That isn't all that I got:

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 The Grovyle Plush and Treecko card are from

sarahpom83  and the Grovyle figure and card are from ragnablade .


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thank you lineaalba! this is one of the pokekids that I thought i'd never get. @_@
also!! daynipp, i received the wartortle and gengar kids! thanks!

DONT HATE ME JUST YET PKMNCOLLECTORS, i swear this post is more than just a pic and a some shoutouts. D:

how do you display your kids/small figures?
im just looking for ideas... i recently got a new bookcase with really deep shelves (like a little bit over a foot), so im having some problems. c_c my figures all have their own shelf, and im weird for some reason and hate figures being in front of one another unless the one in back is noticeably bigger or elevated a bit. i got some boxes up, but i dont know if its going to hold everything thats coming in the mail. /ramble
thanks for any suggestions, etc. :D
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AY GOGOICARUS!!!!! I was JUST about to throw away the box Booburn came in when I heard a mysterious rattly noise and discovered a Purugly Kid inside! Assuming this is one of those heartwarming free gifts, THANK YOU! IT'S GORGEOUS!

Speaking of gorgeous, it's time for the Miss Sinnoh 2008 beauty pageant! Here are our lovely contestants:

Presenting MAGMORTAR and PROBOPASS! Aren't they absolutely fabulous? And it's up to YOU to vote for who the most beautiful Pokemon in Sinnoh truly is!

Who's prettier?

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Pokemon Collection 8.01.2008

Just thought I'd show you all my collection. Not much of it is rare... I think one of the rarest things I have is a Meowth diary key thing... and then I just got a little Mimiroll contest set. < 3
I only started seriously collecting this summer, so.. it's not that much. I'm still waiting for a few things to come in the mail. I update once a month.

A New little friend

My shiny Mew plushie has arrived a few minutes ago! (the furry ball on the left is one of my cats xD)

<33 Oh god, the letter which comes with the plush is lovely.... I love the picture of Mew! is so cute!.

And the Mew family C:

Thank you very much Growly, I love this Mew, I´ll take care of it ^^(I vote you in eBay now :3).
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So my camera is still broken, but I got my box off Gin today.
I decided to throw it out to community vote, 'cause I'm not sure if the majority enjoyed seeing my photospam =p

Poll #1117872 Wild Box of Plushes Appears

What should I do?

Just open the damn thing and have your plushes.
Make another photo post!

For those that read past that poll, a question I've been meaning to put out to the community for a while;
Do you have a particular favourite pokemon? Why is that pokemon your favourite?
I have noticed some people obsessively collect just one pokemon and I've been curious as to why.

I collect the eeveelutions, for the one simple vain reason that I think they're pretty, and my love with Jolteon is that he was my team leader in Red. More recently I have fallen in love with Luxray, because she helped me defeat the E4 and because in the 4-5 weeks I worked on a plush version of her I developed an attachment :x
Comments & explanations welcome! ^^

Anyway, I posted out two zukan packages yesterday. They should be with you in a week. And scarsofsunlight, did you want to trade for that charmander keychain after all?
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Superior, Xemnas

Some things....

A minor update to store_xiii - I added some new lamincards, including Salamence, Nosepass, Skitty, Shroomish & a couple of others.

Second, Monferno.

Is there anyone here with this figure who would be interested in selling it? I'm also after Prinplup too, and their electronic counterparts, as well as any US plushie forms. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask seeing as the three packs can catch people out from time to time.

Also, I've been wondering - Is there anyone here interested in the European exclusive merchandise? Eg. The Dialga, Prinplup etc. launcher figures, the Piplup, Chimchar, etc. pokeball plushies or the latest candy figures with Lucario, Buizel, Mantyke, etc. in unique poses? I wouldn't be looking to make a profit, because we're already far too expensive. I'm more thinking along the lines of a possible trade or something. I include unopened Zukans in this too.
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I hate to post this here but..

Hey guys!

I have a predicament of sorts...

After recieveing my wonderful Leafeon and Glaceon (yeah, I opened the box, sorry guys! XD) I'm now desperately wanting flareon, jolteon and vaporeon dolls. Since I'm trying to be... Good with my money, I'm trying to buy just those three.
I've spotted a few auctions on ebay selling sets of flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, eevee and umbreon. I don't want the last two, partly cos I already have umbreon and partly because I don't like eevee much XD;;
Someone's already said they'll take umby off me, but I need to get rid of eevee.

The plushes on BIN work out to £8/plush (shipped) so if you're in the UK or similar and willing to pay that for just an eevee (plush the extra shipping ofcourse), let me know? Even those these are kinda expensive .___.;;

Alternatively, anyone in America feeling extra generous, can you order these up for me and I'll pay you? xD
I want to snatch these before they all go and I'll have missed the proverbial boat..

*trying and flailing at saving money* .__.;

:edit: thanks everyone for replying to my post and voting! I opened the box in the end, but there will be a photostory at the end of the week when my other half comes over to visit, so look out for it~ :D
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