January 9th, 2008


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okay! i am working on the issues with the site... this is apparently all the advice i can get on it... anyone know what it means if "You or your customers have posted URLs with an active session ID somewhere and when that gets clicked they see the ssession of the other person. Solw is your host - do a search for dreamhost." ????? HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN POSTING URLS WITH AN ACTIVE SESSION? no really, i dunno what that means ;-; argh.


if the problem persists (it should NOT), just reply here with your order.

also, i will be putting an EMS shipping option on the site, but i can only get you EMS shipping if you buy a TON of kids. as the holiday season is over now i wouldnt fear for your stuff getting trapped or delayed for a month in a huge backlog of christmas presents.

here are the kids!

i swear, the website works now! ;-;

Possibly Group-Buy?

I've been wanting this Umbreon card from this Mcdonald's promo set for quite some time, but I just didn't want to spend the money on the whole set when I only wanted one card.


After speaking to kiraras_lemon, she agreed to help me try and get the set by offering to buy Zapdos. ^_^

Would anyone else in the community be interested in any of these cards?

I know it's a bit of a long-shot, but anything would help.

Umbreon - lineaalba - $10
Zapdos - kiraras_lemon - $10
Tyrogue -
Wooper - double_breaker - $10
Pikachu -

I'd like around $5ish for the remaining cards a piece - I know this is a lot to ask for, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. ^_^; You are welcome to make any offer, though.


hey guys :D again. first of all let me apologize for posting three times today, i've had more notices and problems to solve than i thought i would D: i am very very sorry to everyone who is completely uninterested in poke kids or the contest ;-; ごめんちゃいm( __ __ )m

so, anyway, i am very glad so many people are going to participate in the battle for the luxray plushie!!!!

however, as the entries themselves arent related to pokemon collecting, just post them in my LJ or email them to me :) so that everyone who isnt interested doesn't have to scroll past, and so the community doesn't become about the comic, instead of pokemon collecting.

also i forgot to set a deadline. the deadline is FEBRUARY 1st! I'll pick a winner the next day or so after then and send out all prizes before I go to america on the 11th.

if you are holding back on ordering kids because of the contest, well, i cannot guarentee the kid you will want will be available after the deadline. if you buy all the ones you want and then end up winning one, you can pick one from sunyshore, or pick something else of equal value :)
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Basch lives!

Well, sorta.

The package that I've been waiting for with great anticipation arrived earlier today, and as soon as I saw the cute Luxray doodle on the package, I swear the only thing keeping me from ripping the package open right then and there was the sheer amount of letters in the box that I had to carry back. XD

He's named Cap'n Basch after the Arcanine I've recently begun training in Diamond (who's in turn named after the Final Fantasy 12 character) since I've recently begun naming all of my Pokemon plushies with videogame/anime references. Also, a Pidgeot pin for my collection! Once again, a big THANK YOU to Gin for providing us access to these while they lasted!

Also, unrelated to Arkie, but does anyone have a standalone Mothim zukan? Im not interested in Burmy and Wormadam, but I'm really interested in a spare Mothim in case anyone's collecting all of Burmy/Wormadam's forms. ^_^; I liked the moth before, but I've recently grown a bigger appreciation for him, and while I'm not looking to start an exclusive collection (though his pokekid fits in with my flying-types), I would at least like to get his Zukan. :D (Though if anyone has a complete Burmy set for sale, I may consider it!)
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Question about some capsule figures...

Okay, so I remembered seeing these recently on some Japanese website as being an upcoming Gashapon series...


Now I have a couple of questions if anyone has any clue about them... 

1. When did these come out? 
2. Why can't I find anything about them anywhere? Either info about them, what they're called, or even for sale.
3. Why are they so outrageously expensive if they're new/current? 
4. Does anyone know someplace better/more reasonable that I can get them?

This is actually the kind of Pokemon figures I've been waiting for for awhile, so I'd really like to be able to get the set.. So thank you in advance for any info you can give to me T.T