January 10th, 2008

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paging icer01

I wanted to let you know that I'm finally clear to send you payment for the Pokekid I requested, so let me know your Paypal address and I'll get it to you right away. :3 I'm so sorry it took this long! (Also, to everyone else, many apologies for the "shout out" post - I tried digging through the archives and about drove myself insane looking for the original entry.)

Pan - Plush!Pan

Crocheted Plushie // Luxio, Magnemite, & Rotom!

All of these little plushies were made for denkimouse!
Rotom and Magnemite are small gifts from me. :3
Now that she finally has them in her hands, I can share pictures of the little guys instead of hiding them!

(Many pictures under here~!)

I'm sorry to have to put an annoying watermark/signature on the photos, it feels selfish and rude...but people have been taking my photos and claiming the work as their own. :\

Also! denkimouse! I got your package today and SNOOVEER!! I was jumping with joy, he is THE cutest little plush I've ever seen! and my first Pokedoll. <3 The bat stuff is also adorable. Thanks so much! :3 I would totally have pictures but my camera won't turn on. ;3;
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There was a post a long while back where someone was compiling a list of all the manufacturers associated with Pokémon merchandise. Does anyone remember where the post is, or where the list is?
I need a list of the Japanese plush manufacturers. The only ones I can remember are Banpresto and possibly Bandai.

Will work for Gastrodons

My dear communities... %D (Cross posting Pokemon and pkmncollectors.)
I'm looking for Gastrodons. A Shellos will do also.
I pretty much would like to catch up on Gastrodon merchandise releases.
I already have:
West (pink) Gastrodon Pokekid
West (pink) Gastrodon Chougetto
West (pink) AND East (blue) Jakks water-launching Shellos figures
(I'm not looking for the US release Shellos plush toys because I can easily find them here. : D )

I'm willing to trade any commission you'd like. Samples of my work can be found here. I can either do a digital painting or a traditional one in watercolors. Id be happy to mail the original piece to you if you want the traditional one. : ] (I can also sculpt some kind of accessory like this.) Also, if you're outside the US and interested in something that can only be found here, I'll be willing to buy it for you as a trade provided it's within reason.
I do not have a whole lot of money at the moment, but if you're not interested in trading anything, name your price and we'll see what can be worked out.
HOMG THANK YOU. Gastrodon love.
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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I haven't posted my updated collection in a while, but since getting my room rearranged and getting a lot of new things, I've been meaning to. I just got my order from denkimouse today, so I figured why not? :D

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I'm hoping to add more to my collection, I haven't been able to happen across any Giratina or Dusknoir yet, but I know those Chou-Getto(?) figures are coming out soon. :3

Contacting post rules - REVISED

Alright, so in reply to my last post concerning contacting/shout out posts, I have revised and possibly finalized the rules regarding these kinds of entries. I took suggestions from some of you.

What is a contacting post?
A post with no other purpose except to say something to another user(s). For example, "Hey so-and-so, I have received my items. Thank you!" or, "User A, B and C, I have sent your packages. Let me know when they arrive!" Due to an increase in these types of posts, I have decided to restrict them with a few exceptions.

Do NOT contact other users through pkmncollectors UNLESS:
- You are contacting more than eight people at one time.

- You have attempted to contact the user through several other means (e-mail, LJ messaging, instant messaging, etc.) but they still have not responded. I am allowing this because it may also be beneficial to other members, as someone metioned in my last post. i.e.: a seller who has not sent out items and is not responding to e-mails.

- The shout out is a side-note to a larger post. i.e.: at the top of a sale post/collection post, or if it is included along with a photo of the item that has been received. As long as it is not the main purpose of your entry, it should be okay.

I will be posting another entry shortly to begin compiling a contact post, which should make it easier to get a hold of other users.

I would like to get feedback once more for these rules bcause I make them official. Thanks! :)
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i finally got my last package for a while in the mail, im pretty sure, so collection update post. :3

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also the thing i got in the mail today was pt. 2 of the 10th anniv. zukan set, because my old darkrai got his stick snapped inside him D: i decided to keep a few others for myself but i'm selling these rejects the ones i didnt want.
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thank you. :3

Contact post.

Sorry for two posts so close together, but I need to get this out of the way. I need to stop procrastinating. -w-;

I am, once again, planning on making a contact post so user's information can be easily accessible and members can easily contact one another.

This is, of course, optional, but highly recommended. For those of you who do not like giving away your personal e-mail address, it may be in your best interest to make a separate e-mail for this community/LJ, especially if you are active in buying/selling.

What I need is the following. Items marked with * are required if you want your information on the contact page.

LJ Name*:
Any other means of contacting:

Thank you!

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ASDF OK, so today I finally caved in and bought


A Lucario Pokemon card Tin @___@. I didn't want to spend $15 on it, but I realized that it's cheaper just to buy one of these tins than to get a single card on Ebay.


I mainly bought it for the AWESOME Lucario Lv X Promo! JUST LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THAT CARD IS *O*. So yeah, a Lucario X on Ebay can go up to around $6-7, which is half the price of the tin itself. So I figured I'd pay the whole thing to get the card, tin, AND four Diamond and Pearl (and Secret wonders) series booster packs

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