January 11th, 2008

rentorah raichu!

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three orders of buisness.

one is that sarahpom83 has been banned from this community and also pokemon itself, for being one of the biggest pieace of aipom dung on the internet we have ever witnessed. since most of the drama was deleted by her or kept off the community by we who participated, you can view it here. that entry has links to all of the older and newer problems she's been causing here and also on poke_arts.

because of all of this, pkmncollectors has its own shining spot on encyclpedia dramatica! do go enjoy yourself with it.

let's try to keep up the good work and make sure all drama that must occur occurs in this fashion - away from normal, good members, and without ruining the community. good job everyone!

second order of a buisness! I GOT TWO BOXES TODAY!!!!!
the preview...

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THIRD ORDER OF BUISNESS. i have scoured the internet and signed up at all the lord's auction sites trying to find/get bell plushies. i have finally scored GOLD, although i still cannot find the legendary birds or the eeveelutions, i think i can if i keep this up! and god knows i will during spring vacation (all 2.5 months of it!)

but don't think i will dissapoint... click the cut to get a preview of what i will have in stock for everyone else wanting BELL PLUSHIES! these are only 2 of about 14 total i will have, MINT IN BOXES!!!!!! also under the cut is a wanted list item i have finally acheived!!!
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Bird Collection mini-update

I usually don't post update pictures this soon after I post an updated collection pic, but OHMYGOD TAILLOW PLUSH. <3

Stuff just keeps coming in, and so shelf space has become a crisis. On my last journey into my local Walmart I visited the model kit section to get supplies for a Super Sekrit Pokemon-Related Project only to find out that they're clearing out all of their model kits and tools and paints related to the trade. ;___; First they refused to carry the new Pokemon junk and now it's just going further downhill. BUT, they had a box of two car display cases for only $9 so I grabbed a box and have a temporary fix for my space issue! Swallows on bottom, osprey/eagle/pigeons on top. Don't know if I'm going to resort to using the second display case for this collection or another.

And yep, thanks to dunsparce I finally have my coveted Taillow plushie as of yesterday! ♥ Also, the legendary trio finally got some much-needed and well-deserved representation. :>

On a side note, daynipp, I got the cards as well. :D The Mukubird card is pretty as ever and I love holo energies!

EDIT: For completion's sake, the rest of the gang~

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Hello everyone! Shipped + Darkrai Lot Price lowered + Permanent Sales Post +cancelled teapot contest

Hello everyone! I've been fairly absent from the community for a while and that makes me a bit sad, but I return a high school grad and prospective college freshman! :D I apologize for the shipping delay, I was going through a personal issue, but with the exception of two (who I have already contacted), all packages from me have been sent! Please let me know when you receive them~! ^ -^
I should be back to being regularly active as well which is awesome~ :D

I'm lowering the price of my Darkrai lot to $27 shipped anywhere in the US~ Pics under the cut and click the link to go to it~ ^ -^
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The link is also for my Permanent Sales post~ I have a bunch of card lots and tons of plush that I need gone so feel free to take a look~ ^ -^

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Thanks for taking a look guys, I have a feeew more packages and then I'll be making the biggest collection update post you've ever seen! * w*
And as always if anyone has any info on my two grails, I'd be forever grateful! * w*

Unknown Tin

EDIT: I totally forgot about the teapot contest I put on forever ago * -* (Thanks to latias_latios_7 for reminding me XD) It's a bit embarassing but I didn't even get to the project in my Ceramics class XD I spent all my time on my box and then my teacher insisted I do my relief project next @ -@ That also took a lot longer than expected and I didn't even get to start on my teapot * -* (She gave me an A for the class anyway though since I was graduating and she didn't wanna be mean) So I'm really sorry bout that guys! Should've made sure I had time first! > .< I hope I can hold a successful contest in the future > .
Pokemon - Buds

SMJ question

I won some Pokemon stuff off SMJ a few days ago... about when should I get the invoice for it? x.x

Collection-related, what's the status/details on those action/attack kids I heard about a while back? When I heard of them, they weren't out. Any pics/release dates on them? >_>
Supposedly there's an Umbreon in the set, and this makes me highly curous.
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Shiny PokeKids

Time for my weekly "want" post. ;P
Again with the shiny kids.


So far, I've got Charmander and Dustox (thank you lineaalba) but I obviously don't have enough. I'm willing to buy any and all shiny kids figures that people have. I'm also interested in Pink Butterfree and Jirachi kids figures... and pretty much any plushies that are over a foot tall... because I love them.
And rare Pokemon plushes/figures/whatever. xD Vague, I know.

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DANIELA, I got your McDonalds promos today :D



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In other news, I'm starting to worry about one of the auctions I won on ebay that I should be expecting soon, which is for a Japanese Birthday Pika. Why am I having so much trouble getting this card?? Arrgg, it's so stressing! I originally won the card in one auction and the first seller never sent it so I'm currently going through with the Paypal Claim service. Now I'm reading through the feedback of this new ebayer which was also selling the card and a lot of the recent feedbacks are bad. I really hope it gets here tomorrow, I've wanted it for years ,__,

HOWEVER, the other thing I won from Ebay should be here tomorrow oh my god I can't wait.
Rebel cute baby silly

He's legit, want him?

Name: (whatever you want it to be)
Sex: Male
Specie: Pelipper (shiny)
Level: 36
Ball: Master (ok, that part wasn't legit... >,>)
Nature: Careful
Captured: 1/9/08 Route 223
"Quick tempered.
Likes bitter food."
HP: 96
Attack: 51
Defense: 85
Sp. Atk.: 63
Sp. Def.: 62
Speed: 58
Ability: Keen Eye

Water Pulse

Offer whatever, I'm not picky. I'll probably let it hold a Master Ball, if you want one.

EDIT: I should say he's in Diamond and I have a special place for fire and more of one for canines. :)
Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

The Pokomon Fairy brought me a present :D

And I promptly took an annoying rectangular cellphone picture! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Here it is, the Furret zukan, in all of its badly photographed glory ♥ I've been wanting this bad boy forever. The Furret's name is Snowy and the Sentret's name is Little Snowz. :B

It also came with the Raticate zukan, which is FOR SALE. Omg please someone take this thing away from me it is so cute I...I can't stare at it any longer. $7 plus shipping or best offer. (Comes new in plastic with insert; plastic was only opened to take Furret out)

ooh something came for me today + Couple of questions

Im seling that hat, prices  ^ :D:

OOOH Tee, I dont post much DD:
Buut something came for me today and I had to just show you ;;

http://i18.tinypic.com/71ezkfq.jpg I need this eevee obbsesion to end D:
http://i10.tinypic.com/6ooc8wi.jpg yay eevee cards inside of mine 8D

I really need to start selling things on here, but I just dont think I have anything people want. I really badly want eevee plushies and stuff. nyu fair DD:
Typhoslian and Donphan Zukans anyone? DD:

Edit: sorry about editing D:
okay, are these what you call pokemon kids figures? These are holo figures but I really dont like them. But ive never seen em before =/

Someone a while ago was after my Dialga Thinkchip, heres a pic if you dont know what it looked like

Last but not least, Typholisian Zukan needs new love D:
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