January 12th, 2008

rentorah raichu!

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good evening, folks!

i am now officialy wanting very much the STARLY/STARAVIA/STARAPTOR zukan. i am now officialy have haggled and purchased of a zukan! thank you gamecubegirl!

it is the only staraptor item i do not own and i would rather buy it from here than bother bidding on a set of them.

i can pay for it or trade any of the new pokemon kids.

speaking of the new pokemon kids, if you want them from me and want them mailed next week, place your orders within the next day or so! the bug with crossing accounts IS FIXED, so buy without fear of contamination.

Pencil Toppers

I found a pencil topper featuring Scyther that I really want to add to my collection, but the only problem is that it comes in a set with nine other toppers I don't particularly care for. It isn't very cost-effective for me to spend so much money on a single pencil topper, so I was curious if anyone would be interested in buying the other ones before I buy the lot. I'm thinking $3 plus shipping would be fair? They're from Series 3 of the PVC pencil toppers, which are little mini-figures if you aren't familiar with them.

The other toppers feature Alakazam, Skarmory, Lapras, Lucario, Skitty, Ho-Oh, Banette, Wailord, and Medicham. Image care of Yahoo Image Search.

Unless someone already has the Scyther topper laying around that they don't particularly want?
rentorah is beautiful

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i spent ACTUAL MONEY buying a mint in box pikachu bell plush, just so i could scan THIS:

let's using it for wanted lists!

and, out of the plushies i will have for sale in a few weeks, from this list i only have little pikachu and poliwrath ;-;
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Pokemon Commissions~

Sorry for posting so soon, but.. since I don't have any goods to sell, I thought maybe people would be interested in some artwork~
Here are some examples of what I am capable of:

Prices for those would be around $5.
More detailed Pokemon will cost more $, so please ask if you are interested!
Also, if you buy one, you will receive the un-watermarked version. :)

And if you do not like this style, visit my deviantART (click here!) to choose a different style.

Thanks in advance~

it's $3 for every additional Pokemon.

a sales post!

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this. My so called "new" car has been acting up a whole lot lately. I took it into the shop, and found out it needs over 2 grand done in work. Instead of spending that much money to get it fixed, I'm looking at used cars. I need to get some cash for a down payment. I have these cards for sale:

Shiftry Ex Power Keepers x2-12.00 each
Shiftry Ex Crystal Guardians x2-12.00 each
Altaria EX Dragon Frontiers-10.00
Mightyena Ex Holon Phantoms-9.00
Magmortar Lv. X Mysterious Treasures-20.00
Walrein Ex Power Keepers-8.00
Kingdra Ex Dragon Frontiers-12.00
Vaporeon EX Delta Species-8.00
Flygon EX Power Keepers-10.00
Lucario Lv. X (tin promo)-7.00
Empoleon Lv. X (error non tin)-12.00
Torterra Lv. X (non tin)- 13.00
Claydol Ex Power Keepers-7.00
Flygon Ex Dragon Frontiers x2-16.00 each

Some Secret wonders rares:

Lugia reverse holo-4.00
Gastrodon (east sea) x3-4.00 each
Venusaur X3 reverse holo-4.00 each
Ho-Oh x2-5.00 each
Entei x2-4.00 each
Suicune reverse holo-4.00
Ampharos x4-4.00 each
Mew x3-6.00 each
Roserade x2-3.00 each
Ludicolo reverse holo-3.00
Jumpluff x4 (x2 japanese)-4.00 each
Salamence jpn-5.00
Flygon x4-5.00 each
Lickilicky x2-4.00 each
Mothim x2-1.00 each
Wormadam grass x4-1.00 each
Wormadam sandy x5-1.00 each
Wormadam trash x3-1.00 each
Xatu x3-1.00 each
Golem x5-1.00 each
Dugtrio x4-1.00 each
Sharpedo, Golduck, Plusle, Minun, Pidgeot-1.00 each.

Other holos:

Tyranitar Mysterious Treasures-4.00
Garchomp Mysterious Treasures-6.00

These prices include shipping as long as 10.00 or more is purchased. Under 10.00, a charge of 2.00 will be assessed for shipping. I accept paypal, and will offer discounts on large deals!

Really in need of cash

Sorry to bother you all on this happy day for you, but im in allot of troubles, so im here to sell anything I possibly own. This is the only way I can get the money I need.
So Im haveing a nice clearout, I cant post pics now but I have allot of cards, name really something and im sure I may have it, I collected allot of promo cards over my life. I have thinkchip pokemon things. I have the UK Dialga Palkia Stylus from the game UK shops, the black stylus those are, a Lucario laying down plush toy. Burger king toy Butterfree. Huge mudkip plush

A pokemon nintendo 64, hardly used but no packaging With pokemon snap - UK, I also have stuff non related to pokemon, note me for it.

Some pokemon Danglers, I have heaps, excpecially Jirachi ones

Im doing this as a sale, and a nice favour, if you would like any pictures please tell me and im wiling to show you ^^ Sorry I cant provide anymore information


Is now also for sale, but not for a low price because I know the value of it x_x