January 14th, 2008


Shopping anyone?? =3

Hello hello there, my fellow Poke-nerds!!!! Okay… so… my birthday is just one day away… and what am I gonna do?? Why… I am going to offer gifts to you!! Most of these are from my personal collection which I have loved and treasured VERY MUCH over the years. A few of these things come all the way back from when I was 14. O_o; Dude time goes fast… Anyway… some of my treasures can now be yours.

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Pokemon Ranger.

Are there any character figures based on the Pokemon Ranger anime/game elements?

I know that there's a Jackie kids figure that came with a Manaphy movie kids set (which I REALLY want for Kyogre, Chatot, etc. as well; I got the set with Buizel and Ash already but can't find the other :\), a Jackie 7-11 gashapon (which I won't go after due to its rarity), a set of pins (not interested), and a DS slipcover (not interested either). I just got into the game and would like some of the ranger junk that's out there if there's anything else.

Also, tangent, but does anyone have a Skarmory TFG figure for sale? Or Skarmory stuff in general? I won't be able to buy it right away, but I'd like to know what to aim for. D:
Superior, Xemnas


Collection post :D
Kolink sneaked in the photo shot.... This is pretty up to date, but I should be getting some little figures in soon too. The two MC figures are actually different releases, but you can't tell that from this image. Oh, and the remote Charmeleon isn't broken in half - He just stays that way until until he's in motion.

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Not shown is the DP MC figure.
I'm on the lookout for any Charmeleon items not seen here, EXCEPT for cards & stickers.
In particular, I'm after this Charmeleon keychain, as well as a 'retro' Charmeleon figure. He's using this pose. I'm also after a little zipper plush, and the bell plush (Although I doubt anyone will have that) XD
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ATTN: Kim Painter!

Augh, this is seriously not what I wanted to find in my mailbox after a stressing day at work


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Kim, do you still want these cards? They're still in great condition:
Blastoise Holo
Venusaur Holo
Golbat Promo
Wartortle promo
Freebie cards
And I had actually sent you a Squirtle promo yesterday as a surprise(I had another one), so that one will get to you regardless if you want these or not :x

TCG Trade/Sale

All of these cards are duplicates of my cards from Base through Gym Heroes, so my collection is pretty old and probably obsolete by now. Most of these are Common/Uncommon, but there are a few promos and many are 1st editions (there are a few "newer" cards in foreign languages). I was hoping that I might have a few random cards people would be willing to either buy or trade for.

All I'm looking for are Scyther cards, 1st edition Rocket cards, and Japanese cards from the Gym series (specifically Blaine and Sabrina). Feel free to make other offers (such as Eeveelutions), and money is always welcome. ^^

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Zukan Auction End!

Alrighty guys, The Zukan Auction ended yesterday and here are the results:

Final Prices:
Mankey/Primeape: $5 - Winner: joesunrider
Hitmontop/ect: $7 - Winner: frugrow
Hoppip/Jumpluff: $5 - Winner: flag -Paid :D
Dunsparce/Gligar: $5 - Winner: dunsparce -Paid :D
Groudon: $10 - Winner: badgerr_ftw -Paid :D
Eevee/jolteon/vaporeon/flareon: $38 - Winner: moonloop -Paid :D

Congrats to the winners and I'm hoping I can get your Zukans to you promptly! Also, if anyone wants to buy the left over zukan, it's a first come first serve "buy it now" type of deal XD

Clefairy/Clefable: $7

To the winners, I'm hoping it's not too much for me to ask for payment by wednesday so I can ship 'em all out by Thursday Afternoon. If you need more time, let me know and we can work it out 8D

When you guys send your orders to me through paypal, make sure you give me the following info:

LJ username:
Zukan You Won:
Email Address:

Don't forget to add in the shipping charge too

Note: All prices include $1.50 for shipping (in the USA) $2.50 for international

My Paypal is: Anuvia@gmail.com

Thanks again everyone <3