January 15th, 2008

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Any Canadian sellers here?

Calling all Canadian sellers!! I need some advices from you all.  I have some Pokemon stuff I want to sell and was wondering which shipping service you usually use to ship with?  Canada Post, UPS, FEDEX?  Also, how do you normally ship small items such as Zukans, Kids, etc? Will it be alright to ship them as a lettermail as oppose to a Parcel?  And how much would it cost to ship to the US?  I heard that our shipping fees are way higher..which will be a problem.


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I went home today for the first time in a very long time and spent a few hours just rummaging through all of the stuff in my room, in search for anything Pokemon related. I can't believe how much old stuff I have there, it's crazy. I ended up finding a few small treasures from the old-school R/B days, as well as some newer things I had totally forgotten about!
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Does anyone have or know where I can get this Cardass card? It's puuuurdy...

And on that note! Anyone else here collect stuff with the bad guys of the series? I think it's a shame that Molly Hale doesn't have so much as a card to her name. At least much-ignored Vicious got three cards. But hell, Zanna and Rion got FIGURINES (does anyone have those for sale? Pleeease?). And then we have Butler, who I think has some cards but nothing else...and I know there's a figure of Captain Phantom and his Chatot, but I think that's it.

But when it gets right down to it, the only movie baddie to have anything of note is Mewtwo, and that's more species stuff than anything else.

Although I look forward to, should the Trading Figure Game continue their trend of releasing the Kanto GLs, the impending Giovanni figure. Although it'll be game version rather than the much more evil anime version. But at least his suit won't be blinding anyone.
Fav scene in the GN XD

A Few Cards =D

Okay so i spent the afternoon today taking pics of my Pokee collection but i'll post about it later since first i'd like to get this over with xD

While i was going through my stuff i found an unopen box of the trading cards and 3 unopened packages of the D/P packages so of course since my latest brush with collecting cards i decided to open them...AT 4:30 IN THE MORNING -__O I was never into the cards but i've found myself collecting a few now for the ones i personally like :3

I have a couple doubles so i figured i'd put them up to see if anyone would be interested in them o-o I've got a bunch more coming on the way from some of you guys on here so when i opened the packages tonight i found a few that i had ordered so oh well xD I really dont know what they'd be worth so if you're interested just make an offer :3

x-posted pokemon

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Important information regarding things I am sending

Okkies, if you live in the uk and have not noticed, where I live has complelty and utterly flooded, so I may have to delay some items being sent due to worry of them being damaged, and my own personal health, I am so sorry I cant deliver items because of this ;;

P.S - A special eevee came in the post <33
Here it is, my BF got me it and im so happy. I cant stop hugging it XDD;
Ive told people before about the amount of times Ive had to try get hold of this thing, not being sent, buying many in duplicates and THEM not comming O_O;

P.S Again :: I want to ask everyone I have had payments for to kinda email-post on here- what they ordered, im packing stuff up to try do it tommorow, but its so much @___@

i also have the Shinning Mudkip Pokemon Card im trying to sell of at $16, Anyone? +$2 Shipping.
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TCG upgrade!

After posting my sales/trade thing last night, I realized how much I missed opening those brand-new trading card packs and seeing what was inside. So, what do I do? That's right - I go and buy me 15 packs of trading cards at the local Wal-mart. XD

Hooray for new cards! I've posted pics of the holos, reverse-holos, and stars from my haul. I haven't bought any new cards since the first edition of Gym Heroes so this was lots of fun for me. I was QUITE happy when I opened one package in particular. :D

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