January 16th, 2008

Fav scene in the GN XD

Dragonite Mini Bust Sculpture For Sale :3

Hai everyone =D

Okay so in between working on stuff today, i decided to finally do a little Pokee sculpture. I had been requested to do a Houndoom sculpture commission but haven't heard back from them yet so i was like heh...i'll do another one for the time being. This little guy is going up for sale so if anyone would like to take a stab at adopting this little Dragonite, then i'm sure he'd love a good home ^-^

Since this is the first time i've actually done this, i'm going to put him up as an auction and keep that running for about 3 days. Hopefully someone will like to take him home otherwise i'll just have to keep him D:

Horrible Thumb

xP Sorry for all the x-posts to pokemon poke_arts

High bidder : olesvenson $18

End date: Saturday evening around 8pm =D

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Pokemon - Crystal Quilava
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Gold & Silver Burger King Mini-Gameboys a.k.a. Quilava Collector goes loony

I recently caught a lead that Quilava was featured in Burger King's Gold/Silver mini-gameboy promotion way back when, and as someone who goes insane upon seeing Quilava junk that I never knew existed (my radar totally missed the G/S promotion), I caved and bought a $20 eBay lot of sealed toys from the promotion.

...needless to say, most of the mini-GBs were dupes that were NOT Quilava (at least I got a single sexy chrome Lugia and a COMPLETE Mareep GB/card/cartridge set from it, but that's for a future post). :D;; But I'd like to ask if anyone knows a source where I can buy more of these mini-GBs, has any informaion to spare, or if anyone here has the Quilava GB, domino card, and/or even cartridge they wouldn't mind selling or trading. If anyone can find or sell me a Quilava, or even point me to a source to buy more BK toys like this (besides eBay), I will give you free stuff out the nose! Any of the birds and Seadra would be awesome as well (I got a Hoothoot cartridge with one of my GBs! :D).

But even then I think I may want to start collecting these little buggers (though not too passionately); not only in hopes of satisfying my crazy Quilava obsession, but actually having my hands on them is making me LIKE them, regardless of whether or not I like the featured Pokemon. D:

...Oh, the things I do for a fire weasel. :<

EDIT: For those curious about what Pokemon are featured in the mini-Gameboy promotion (for want lists, etc), there's a list HERE.

Sale post and small collection update.

All packages were mailed earlier this week! This is mostly the in-case figures!

Also, I feel like I missed one or two people in mailing things - whoever bought the misc. zukan and also an Arcanine kid - could you email me your paypal reciepts if you paid? Usually I'm pretty good at keeping track of things, but just drop me a note as these items were not mailed this week: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com

First, these guys finally came from SMJ!


Not the arctic fox, of course, but he's new too. XD

Here's a preview of what is under the cut!


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Just a random mini sales post, and a story!

For anyone here that is into the Phoenix Wright series, I picked up the plush Shellos East Sea from Jakks Pacific when I was working on the mission with Shelly De Killer. My boyfriend and I nicknamed my Shellos "Shellos De Killer" and my pink Shellos Plush is Shella De Killer. Well, last night on a trip to Wal Mart, I found something.....

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(no subject)

study for finals? lulz! how about look on Y!J! :D

someone seems to not love bulbasaur anymore.

this one makes me think of norkia!

lugias island playset!

dragonite dice!

oh yeah - you guys affect me too much. i saw some cute dragonite plushies the other day and immediatly bought them for...which one of you collects the dragonites? well if you want them i have them for you, email me or something! :D i also bought a wobbafett. WTF. so if you want to see that plush, wobafett person, i also have it. they are new UFO catcher plushies :D WTF seriously. not even electric types.


also... i will have the following BELL PLUSHIES available around next week sometime. what do you guys want me to do with them, as in flat sales on the shop or auction them so everyone has a shot? who is interested in what bell plushies? they are all mint in boxes. they cost me a lot of money to get - so much that i sort of dug myself a bit of a grave... but i know specifically you guys wanted some of these little dudes!

so just give me feedback on them so i know what to do for you. if you see plushies you want very badly be prepared to pay at least 10$ per. if enough people want plushies i can keep them that cheap.

pikachu (x2)
electabuzz (holy shit)
scyther (yay!)
pidgeotto (cutie!)
poliwhirl (...)
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Hay y'all. It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, so I figured I'd celebrate with a collection update, plus some random other stuff. First, the collection.

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Also, while I was at KB Toys getting the "Ruby and Pearl" poster, I also stumbled across these:

Yeah. The "black" part tastes a bit funny, but overall they're pretty good. They also had Pikachu and Piplup marshmellow pops, but NONE of the AG toys/figures, which makes me sad, because those were the only reason I went in the first place. I should get some more.
Pokemon - Buds

The varied collection sitting in it's natural habitat...

I realized everyone's collection pics show their room.
I took pics of my collection not laid out and nice looking.

It also includes things that I CONSTANTLY forget to add to real collection pics x.o

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Somewhere in this house is about 4-5 other Pokemon posters, and the insert from 2BA master is on my wall under my clock.
I also got a Mewtwo Strikes Back art book a couple days back. I'll probably take a pic of that when the other two packages I'm waiting for come in as well. (I'm also still anxiously waiting for my Y!J items to hit SMJ. Umbreon Kid ;.;)

EDIT: I forgot a question!
Is there anywhere that lists the toys given out at KFC forever ago?
I only have the Ivysaur and I've TOTALLY forgotten what the others were x.x
Fav scene in the GN XD


Hey guys,

This might be a really weird and durr question but..does anyone know if there's any Pokemon merch in St. Thomas? As in near the Carribean? My aunt is going on a cruise and they're stopping at St. Thomas and she was asking what i wanted and i told her a stuffed animal would be just fine xD But i figured i'd ask if anyone knew if there's any Pokemon stuff there xD Fat chance i know but...if not, does anyone know what kind of animal plushes that island might have? I dont really know what would be offered as souvenirs ie, Canada = Wolves, beavers, moose balalb

Any help would be awesome, thanks xD

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