January 17th, 2008



I have had this set of 45 "sticker cards" for... eight or nine years now and I have absolutely no idea what they are for/from. It occurred to me that this would probably be the place to ask about them since I have always wondered and have neither seen mention of them anywhere, nor the art that's on them. A lot of the less popular Pokémon had cards (like Staryu and Tangela), so I'd like to get a few more of them if I could. What are they, and does anyone know if there are more of them?

One side appears to be a sort of playable card game, but the back of the card is a holographic sticker with lots of random promotional art from the days of the original 151. These are RGB generation, possibly even pre-Yellow version and all art (on the front) is done by Ken Sugimori as far as I can tell.

Here is a shot of the front of one of the cards (featuring Vileplume and Eevee).

Instead of posting individual pics of all the cards, here's an icon post I made back in November that used all of the images of the cards I have. Anything ring a bell for anyone?

Does anyone have a clue about these cards?
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Pokemon consoles!

After seeing darkyo's sexy Dialga-themed DS, I was inspired to follow suit and go all-out with mine; see, the two things that instigated the Kyogre collection I have today (big collection update coming soon!) were the pen stylus and stylus strap, which I got over a year ago on a mere whim.

I got a clear playthrough case recently so I totally Kyogrefied my DS Lite, including another strap I got in November. (I have the other strap that's basically a figure attached to a strap, but his wing keeps on falling out so he's forever on the shelf. :< ) I simply custom-tailored the pic in Photoshop and printed it out, while the Trozei sticker (which hasn't been... sticked? stuck?) was simply slid underneath the system (thanks, papersnow!).

Until they make merchandise whores out of Quilava or my favorite birds, this is here to stay. :D

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Does anyone else have a Pokemon-themed DS, Gamecube, Wii, or other gaming console? I wanna see 'em!
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Lost the zukans DDD:

I couldn't get the zukans DDDDD': I'm so sorry guys.

I even got up on time and everything, but I found out it was beyond my bid limit. Only because SMJ never took off that lost item on my list. I was so pissed. It honestly never even occured to me to check my limit.

I was totally prepared to do it and everything asdkjashdkjasdhaskh


regen, did you say you had a magikarp and a pidgey zukan you'd be willing to sell? ; ;
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2 things


First, I got the Shining Mudkip and Mewtwo Ex in the mail today! They look great, thank you Tay! Now I just need the Torchic Star and Treeko Star to complete the shiny starter set. However, you should really consider protecting the cards in cardboard or a toploader before sending them. They could have been destroyed the way you sent them D:


I got a return to sender letter today from an order I sent out on December 11 with a promo Meowth card. I'll need you to send me your address to pr@prguitarman.com so I can send it off again.
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Hay all, New here Collection Post/Want List

Hi guys I'm new here. I mostly collect the cards but I would like to branch out into other things. First I'll post my wants and its nothing inparticular I just want things that associate wit h these pokemon: Raichu, Rayquaza, Umbreon (or any eeveelutions but espicially Umbreon) Mew, Breloom, Houndoom, Manectric, Suicune, Absol. If you have something invovling them feel free to post here with links I'll probably be interested. Cards, toys, plush anything related to them is fine with me.

Collection. Most of these things are mine for keeps as they were gifts. However some (like certain cards) can be up for trade/sale. I'm also selling the Burger King Mewtwo who still lights up. I'ed be willing to trade for a Raichu burger king toy as wel.










*Pay no attention to the file names x.x; I never re-name anything.  Anyway if you are interested in anything let me know I'll let you know if I can part with it. I have paypal and that's pretty much all I can work with right now. Thanks!



I would like to showcase my DS as well :3 The DS itself was a gift from my awesome friend. and the sticker was a gift from my boyfriend. He makes great art, and he surprised me with this one day. Shiny Umbreon is my all time favorite, as I chained a shiny eevee in Diamond and thats what he became.