January 19th, 2008

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Hey this might be a stupid question or something but i have to know.
Since a few days ago i lost fran (my ds) (don't worry it only had emerald in it. :), and i'm planning to go to the new york pokemon center for ym birthday and i was wondering if they sell the oringinal/regular/not ds lites at the center? Cause i really really miss him, and are having ds/diamond/pearl/ranger withdrawls and it's really painful!! So anyways thankles!
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starting now, and ending on sunday night! bid with your offer anytime between then!

the bell plush got here and they look great, but my camera is acting up (it is eating through batteries really fast) so these photos will be re-uploaded with new photos i have taken, sometime in the next few hours. i apologize for now!

under the cut i'll put a list of the plush and try my best to keep them updated with high bids and bidders. try to keep your bids as a comment to the person who bidded before you, so everyone can keep track :D

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Feedback and Mukubird and Seadra!

First off, I got my rear in gear and left feedback for all of my previous transactions when applicable (barring a few that I'll leave additional feedback for as soon as incoming packages arrive). If I missed anyone, please let me know! Also, if it's not too much to ask, could anyone please leave feedback for me, especially if you've bought something from me? ^_^;; I'm preparing for an upcoming sales post and want to check on my reputation as a seller and make any proper adjustments. Yeah, I'm that self-conscious.

Second, Mukubird is here! :D

I got her (him? Haven't decided on a name!) at Knuckle Sandwich Toys, who sells some other older D/P UFO plush (as well as cute Animal Crossing plush!). The only downside is that they only ship to the USA.

Also, my updated Seadra collection!

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I have some other incoming stuff (including NOCTOWL and Kyogre Pokedolls and Buizel pokekids) so I'll make a huge collection update post when they come in~
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Throwing my selling journal out there again. :D
Still have lots of stuff, and I have prices for it you want to buy everything in one section at once. (This is probably my last advert before I throw it all up on eBay in one lot)
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Custom Pokemon Shirts

My last entry didn't go so well. After posting, I was left to discover that people do NOT LIKE the Hoenn starters. xD
With this knowledge, I am going to start over and try to get commissions for custom tee shirts.
Here is an example of my work:

Please, if you want one, comment with
and SIZE

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I got some really awesome cards in the mail today!


I ordered them off of cardhaus, one of my favorite card selling sites. I can't decide which one I like best, because they're all awesome

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I'll be adding the pics to my collection shortly.

Edit: I want these cards

Wow, I want a lot of these @_@

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I've been waiting this whole week for some items to arrive from an online store I bought so I could officially open up my store, but it looks like all of the stuff went missing in the mail or something, WHICH SUCKS :(

Anyway, I'm not going to wait around any longer, so it's time for the big re-opening! I have a lot of brand new cards for sale, and this time I've added a few non-Pokemon things (A Nintendo Gamecube, anime dvds/manga) I don't really want anymore. Check it out

[Please read this before making a purchase]

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Lucky Star: Oversoul

Collection update & requests!

I have a request of sorts;

Does anyone have either a full set of normal TOMY's of jolteon, vaporeon & flareon, and or a set of alternates, and can take pictures for me so I know what I'm searching for? XD
I are getting confused.

And does anyone know of keychains like the one in the following picture for the other two evo's?

(I'm begging for picture references?) ;-;

And just as an add-on a update of sorts to my eeveelution collection;

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Not shown is the clear eevee kid and the other eevee bits. Because I am merely showing off my evolutions :D
I also forgot to put in my umbreon pokedoll ^_^;