January 20th, 2008

Pokémon Diamond

Combee Army

This is my first post to Pokemon Collectors. I am looking to trade for unwanted TCG combee cards because I am making a large framed collage out of combee cards!! I am also looking for any butterfree TCG cards as well. This is the list of cards I have to trade:

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New toys and Service Offer

First of all, I sent payment out to happyjolteon a few hours ago and wanted to make sure you knew. Thanks for holding the stuff for so long!

I also received my package from olesvenson this week. Thank you so much for offering the figure up and I even adored the little Ledyba sticker on the box. ^^

I have two TFG/NextQuest figures for sale under the cut, as well as pictures of my new toys (including the figure mentioned above).

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Also, would anyone be interesting in buying crosstitches of Pokémon? I've been working on a Scyther montage (going to do one of every sprite since RGB), and wondered if anyone would like one of their favorite Pokémon.

The charge would probably be double the cost of supplies (so if the fabric and thread cost $6, it would cost about $12), and I'd be willing to do a max of 3 monsters per order (in case someone wanted a full evo tree or something). You'd just need to tell me which sprite from which game you want me to do, and I'd get it done ASAP. But the price would go up with each Poké added to the order, of course. It takes a while to crosstitch, so that's mostly for my own time. ^^;
WoW - Khadgar


It is that time again...Where I bring you new "goodies" for sale in my shop o' Pokemon Collectables!!!

From Pencil Toppers

(Each pencil topper comes with a matching mini sticker!!!)
PokeDex Figures

(This set is the hardest to find and when you do find it expect to pay threw the nose, I did just to get Absol!!!)

Plus much much more...
Click the link to take a peak:


***Warning my shop is very image heavy!!!***
***Please Place All Orders At My Shop Link, It Is Easier For Me To Keep Track Of!!!***

Also, the following people have items on hold with me, please let me know if you are still interested:

pikaplex - Heracross - $12.00 SALE $10.00 plus $2.00 for shipping...
xxchocoholic - Azurill and Taillow Tomy Figures - $2.00 each or both for $3.00, Dragonite Kids Figure - $5.00, plus $2.00 for shipping ...

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I'm jumping on the picture story bandwagon! I love reading the ones posted here, so here's my contribution. My husband got me a set of 2" Eevee evolution figures as an early birthday present. However, the team was missing one key player, Eevee!

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Lucky Star: Oversoul

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Sorry for being annoying with the posting ^^;

Did anyone on here bid on a huge lot of kids figures on SMJ?
The specifically included the alternate eeveelution kids.

If you're willing to part with them, and barter with me, get in touch? XD;

Also, those buy it now, buy one thing auctions? How do you spot whether the auction you want is one of them? And then how do you communicate to the seller which one you want them to send?

Any help appreciated ^_^
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Isaac's painting - holding at Deveaux

TCG trade?

If this isn't allowed, I apologize.

Looking for TCG sell/trade. I don't know if this means anything to anyone- just offering it.

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Ganked the image from eBay, it's not my card, but now you know which one I'm talking about =p

Pokemon collection and intro!

Hey guys!
It's been a long while, but I think its time for me to introduce myself to the community and share my collection!
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My lone Palkia figure sits with upsideownhead bidoof and tachikoma, needless to say he feels lonely and awkward!

As for pokemon I collect-

Snorlax line, Duskull line, Magnezone line , Magmortar line, Drifblim line, Gengar line, Sudowoodo line, Deoxys, Palkia, Koffing, Exeggutor, Weavile, Spiritomb, Shuppet line and Sableye

Keep your eyes peeled, because I'll be opening up a huge card shop and making a sales post soon!

On the hunt for kids!

Seems like every time someone has a post of sales, the kids I want are sold before I can get them! I'm looking for some pokekids:

Shellos East Sea

I'm willing to pay around 3.00 each at the most for them. Any that I can get for 1.00-2.00 each would be best. Pictures of them would be great too, since I know some of them have different poses!