January 21st, 2008

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Sorry to add to the ever-growing pile of sales posts, but I really need to get rid of some stuff FAST because I have nowhere to put it all. D:

-All prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping.
-Shipping for figures starts at $2 within the USA and $3 international, while bulkier items may cost more to ship. The cost covers postage, packaging, and Paypal fees (if applicable).
-I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and Paypal regardless of location.
-While I prefer to sell these to make space, I'm also open to trade for any of these items.
-All purchases include free random TCG cards and stickers just to say thanks~

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Thanks for looking, and if ou have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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the bell plushies auctions will end in about 4-5 hours, when i get back from my final :D so until then if anyone else wanted to place a bid... go for it. keep an eye on the plushie you want!

sorry i did not take new pictures yet, i got caught up in the studying.. ;-; but i will get good shots of these guys!

so here is the list ... you can now reply to this post in order to bid, if you do wish to!

enjoy your bell plushies! ^-^

try to keep your bids as a comment to the person who bidded before you, so everyone can keep track :D

Bidding for each doll starts at $10.00!

Pikachu 1: $12 (rini124)
Pikachu 2: $12 (jaebird)
Electabuzz: $12 (pikachuashnat)
Scyther: $15 (gearpony)
Poliwhirl: $10 (chrissii)
Charmeleon: $12 (kari_xii)
Snorlax: $11 (waifusneverdie)
Ivysaur: $10 (juumou)
Wartortle: $18 (gc_chicken)
Dratini: $25 (quaizr)
Slowpoke: $10 (lazer)
Pidgeotto: $15 (norkia)
Oddish: $12 (castform)
Psyduck: $10 (jaebird)

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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Pokemon Hoodies! =3

Hey hey! I got loads of work done this weekend! n_n

Here's two more hoodies ready to ship out! I just need the 'trainers' to take a look and make sure I didn't miss anything. ;D

First up is for blodia~~!

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Second one up is for rini124 ~! n_n
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So just let me know if all looks good! :D If so~ I can get these out to you guys by Wednesday~~ :D (thats when I am headed to the post office next ^^)

That's it for now! :D Another post shall be following this one within a day or two. ^-^

Mailing Stuff Tomorrow

Just wanted to let those that bought stuff from me (Phanphy figure, pikachu + mew minicots, jirachi charm, and the mewtwo sticker) know that I'm mailing things tomorrow. Most of the items are stuff that needed to be mailed around xmas, but were international orders and I needed to get supplies and forms for them, but there are a few local ones. I was gonna mail them today but forgot it was a holiday ><;

Thats all

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bell plushies auction is OVER!

here are the total bids. please paypal the amount you bid + 5.50$ s/h (the one of you with two plushies, it is $6.50!) to MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp with the bell plushie you won in the subject!!

thanks guys! i hope you love them :D if you pay in the next 15 hours i can have them sent tomorrow, if not, due to finals, i won't be able to send them for another week (possibly).

Pikachu 2: $12 (jaebird) PAID
Poliwhirl: $10 (chrissii) PAID
Charmeleon: $12 (kari_xii) PAID
Snorlax: $11 (waifusneverdie) PAID
Wartortle: $18 (gc_chicken) PAID
Slowpoke: $10 (lazer) PAID
Pidgeotto: $15 (norkia) PAID
Psyduck: $10 (jaebird) PAID
Pikachu 1: $12 (rini124) PAID
Scyther: $15 (gearpony) PAID
Electabuzz: $12 (pikachuashnat) PAID
Ivysaur: $10 (juumou) PAID

Dratini: $25 (quaizr)
Oddish: $12 (castform)