January 22nd, 2008



one thing: i am really bad with names so I AM SORRY i don't remember, but whoever sold me whiscash, kadabra and manaphy zukan... at least two pieces, maybe more are missing, most noticeably kadabra's tail and whichcash's stick. i checked all in the package and all around to make sure it hadnt fallen out, etc, (everything was very well wrapped!) and also the package wasnt ripped... so i dunno ;-; do you still have them possibly?

so aftertheheaven is here and we just got this rare japanese furret plushie! we decided to take a photo of it with the other rare japanese furret plushie we have, and also the furret i imported from america a year and some months ago :D

here's some group shots!

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Hey everyone! I'm selling this Turtwig keychain I got from an Anime Convention last year.
He was originally $8 because of convention rates. Awww.
$3 + $2 shipping.
Non-cc paypal preferred. Cc paypal pays for fees.
Thank you!
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hi guys, i was going to buy these items, and was wondering if anyone wanted the rest cause i only want a few out of this.
yes you can yell at me, even though they're from hong kong they look really really good and legit. I don't know they just seem very legit and all. right now i'll just wait and see if anyone wants any and then post the ones you can't have. :D

edit- the ones you can't have!
mew (reserved for friend.)
salamence. I don't really know how to much to ask for them cause i've never sold on here before, but just tell me how much you want. (if this sounds really dumb cause i don't even have them yet just like yell at me, i've enver done this before so i really don't know.)

ravestar85-lucario, weavile, wartortle, and munchlax
featherclaw- registeel, regirock, sealeo.
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I've decided as a bit of a way to make some extra cash, that I wanted to start drawing Pokemon commissions and selling them on the community! However, I haven't drawn anything in a while, since i seem to have almost no time, so I wanted to offer out a few of em for free. I need some ideas as to what to draw, so that will be a help to me. I'll take 5 free ones for now and see how long they take me. As a full time college student, I'm quite the busy one, but this might help get school work off my mind!
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