January 24th, 2008

Sorry for not being on

Sorry for not being on, Flooding was bad here :X
Items have now been sent to people I was sending them too, Thank you for your pateince, PLEASE tell me when they come so I know its okay to do it again.
NOTE : The person who was having the Large Singing lugia thats been sent to, but the person didnt seem too keen on moving the stuff to  be sent, but its gone now to be sent to you :D

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first of all, BIG SUNYSHORE UPDATE NEXT MONDAY NIGHT!!! and i do mean BIG! i have some really awesome new stuff, including a TON OF PLUSHIES and rare collectables of the pokemon i know you guys love, yay! so be ready for that! :D

second of all, only about a week left to enter the contest for the LUXRAY PLUSH, and it looks like 80% of the people who said they would enter are not going to :O so... if you enter now, you have a better chance of winning than you thought! XD you can also get some pokekids. deadline is FEBRUARY 1st.

third of all, finals bogged me down and i wasn't able to get the bell plushies sent even for the few people who paid right away... so i will send them first thing on monday morning. i am so sorry, you guys! ;-; they will get to you soon.


this sight warms my heart...all three lion chou getto lined up... *sniffs happily*

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Pokemoncenter.com orders

It seems that a lot of people are upset about the closing of Pokemoncenter.com, and are expressing interest about wanting things, but not having the US address to do so. I'm from the US and have a US billing address and credit card that I would be able to place orders for people if they wanted them. The only thing I would ask in return is the obvious coverage of paypal fees and shipping costs. I was thinking as compensation for myself, one pokedoll plush per order, which would be added to your order cost. I think this is fair, since I'd have to get everything back together and then go ship it out as well. Any takers? You can just respond here with the items you want, and I'll get back to you with a cost including shipping here, and then when I go to send out, I'd send you a final invoice with the exact shipping cost to your destination. We don't have much time left!

Edit: Since people are thinking that I'm making people cough up extra money, I'll make it 5.00 added on to each order. So when two orders are placed, I'll be able to get a Pokedoll for myself. Now, I think that is more than fair. Since I would be placing the orders, and shipping them back out. Or, I will accept Pokekids as a form of compensation as well. I'm always looking to expand my collection.
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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The Yin and Yang of the Two Weasels

First of all, amirrorstwin, I got the Monferno pokekid and Starly figure... which, for once, I didn't break. >_> Thanks for including Monferno's sticker, too!
juumou, eknock, and papersnow, your stuff was sent yesterday~ :D
I also got these guys from the Pokemon Center yesterday!

TOMY!Kyogre's little brother and Noctowl! I'm SO glad I went ahead and got Noctie; looking at the pictures, I initially thought the pokedoll looked odd, but as a bird collector I thought he'd be a nice addition anyways. He looks sooo much better in person. ♥

Second, the entire point of the post:

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And that is the contrast between Quilava and Buizel.
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Japanese Fossil cards

I found some old Pokémon TCG booster packs at a comic store near me, but they'll only sell them as a lot. It comes with 10 booster packs from Fossil, which I don't really want all that much.

I hate for them to go to waste, so would anyone be interested in 10 booster packs from the Japanese Fossil set at all?
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TCG Collection Update + Question

AHH Hi folks. I am one HAPPY Corgi :D I went to Wal- Mart today and found they had some neat packs of cards (the older sets too!) that came with a promo. I got two packs of EX Delta Species, and LOOK what I got!



Happyhappyhappy. Groudon Star joins my Rayquaza star as my only two pulled shiny cards. I also got AWESOME promo cards Moltres EX (31) and Suicune (SWEET :D 30)



I was wondering if I offered up comissions for pokemon badges would anyone be interested? My going rate would be 20 dollars, I work in markers. The price would cover shipping charges, and lamination as well. Each Badge is a little bigger than a pokemon card. I can work with original poke creations as well. Names are optional but can be added for no extra fee. You can use these at cons, or they make an awesome  header to a collection. It can even be your pokemon from your game (tell me their nature/characterists exct) or performing a move. I will be happy to work with you. I am interesting in taking 5 of these.

Some examples of my work:




Any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading. :D
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I Got Mail! And Sent Some Too!!

So, between Tuesday and today: jaebird, dunsparce, goku_the_saru and ssjvaporeon, Your stuff has been sent out!

Also...I received mail from dunsparce today! Thank you so much for the cards! I *love* them! The Ralts is so cute ♥

I have also added more cards for sale and some other little things ^^ Collapse )

And here is an updated picture of my
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Warning, Huge Piccys ^^;....also...Once I get a few more packages I will post new updated Pictures of my collection! Sorry that it's taking so long =\

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Joanna, I got your Umbreon and Espeon star cards today, from our trade! They got here perfectly :D I'll be sending Lugia Ex tomorrow.

Also, ATTENTION EVERYBODY ELSE. I'm also going to the post office tomorrow to mail off two orders (Mewtwo plush and some southern island/other promos) from my shop. If there's anybody here that was interested in buying something but was unsure about it or didn't have the money and said they'd pay later, RIGHT NOW WOULD BE THE PERFECT TIME TO ORDER AND PAY FOR SOMETHING! That way things can get sent out right away (and so I won't have to make extra runs to the post office on Monday)

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gnaw my face off

hey! during my mad rush to buy some things from pokmeon center (without being too expensive.)(very tricky.) i came upon this. (thisa is not from the pokemon center a few days ago i found it on this not english site. and only saw the picture i don't really know if it really exsist.)

if one does exsist i would probably have to gnaw my face off for one. (yes i know sps are discontinued so this makes it even more valuable.) but i would love to know where i can get/stare at in adorement. So yes i'm going to be sad now cause i looked on ebay and ebay barely had any sp's at all.
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Address request :x

Hi people \o/

Since the Pokémon Center website is closing, I really want to order some things before they close, but I don't have a US postal address. Would anyone be able to help me out? Same deal as has happened in this comm before: I have stuff shipped to you and then I pay you the shipping cost to ship it to Australia. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help. ^^;;

Edit: My Mastercard's billing address is Australian, and I suspect you might have to use a US credit card. I can pay you by Paypal if you have a US credit card to use.