January 25th, 2008

Guh by Ghostmeast
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I bought a sealed Rayquaza kid from here in that big auction post a week ago...
I got it and opened it today and here's what I found inside.

WTF?!? I'm guessing manufacturer's defect, but it still sucks ASS! ;___;

Anyone want to trade kids figurines? I really don't want a Barboach. -__-
Looking for Staryu, any of the bear Pokémon, Koffing, fire Pokémon, and a few others I'm too grumpy to remember ATM.

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FIRST, if you ordered and paid for anything before this post, then I have mailed out your orders! I will be giving confirmation tracking numbers to the people who bought the Gamecube and the Mewtwo plush, because I don't want to deal with them getting lost or stolen in the mail.

SECOND, SPEAKING OF things lost in the mail, a package that was supposed to be here on the 10th FINALLY showed up today, which kind of angers me but since it came loaded with Pokemon cards (99% of which I'll be selling) I can overlook the fact that it took forever.

This Pikachu promo is the only thing I'll be keeping. Does anybody know what promo set it's from? I already have everything else...so that means that it's time for an update for prtcg!
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If you were one of the four people that bought something from me last week and see something new you're interested in, I'll drop shipping down to .75 cents flat(assuming that you're only buying cards, but I can give a different small shipping discount for bigger items
Superior, Xemnas

Few things

First - Everyone had their order shipped out earlier this week!

Second - lineaalba, I received your package! Thanks so much, everything was great as always! So, a brief couple of shots -

Camera glare slightly. Complete set of sitting Absol kids! I have the sticker too, all I need is the box. I will eventually get around to posting my full Absol collection soon.

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Thirdly, anyone here have this Pokekid?

I've wanted him for the longest time, since I first found out about Kids figures properly >_>;

Finally, I got my SMJ package yesterday, but I haven't got around to taking pics. Tomorrow I will, along with a sales post of some rare non-European Zukan & some Kids figures.