January 26th, 2008

Pokemon - Buds

The Zukan Auction about a week ago...


Has anyone else heard from them or recieved the Zukan yet?
It typically takes around 3-4 days for me to get something, even if it was sent Media Mail, so I'm somewhat wondering what happened to them all.

I asked a couple buyers and they hadn't gotten it yet, either, and I actually e-mailed her about it a couple days ago and haven't heard anything back yet.

Has anyone heard from anuvia within the last week or so?
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Just a notice...

All items that have been paid for have been mailed as of last week. (I've been really bad with mentioning mailed items lately, sorry!)

I know I've got some pending trades and held items, which I will do my best to take care of ASAP, however, getting to the post office is going to be a bit difficult for me for a little while (or at least a few weeks); I was in a car accident yesterday that fractured my left arm, and can't really drive myself (safely) to the post office.

So, please be patient. Your parts of the trade will get mailed - I just don't know when. ^_^; And rest assured - if you don't hear from me for a few days, I am not ignoring you.

One more thing - has anyone noticed problems with SMJ lately? Not to critisize, but they've lost quite a few of my items lately (refunded too), but they've also been making smaller shipments in boxes? (I used to get maybe 8 different auctions in a box, now I'm getting parts of the auction split between boxes, only 2-3 auctions per box, etc. I know it could be because fo size constraints, but everything I've ordred lately hasn't been really big. o_O)
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Gengar Back Pack Plush

Yay I got him in the mail today from E-bay. Isn't he CREEPY?? xD Im wondering though if anyone can give me more info on this line? It's an official nintendo product, but I was wondering what others they have in this line. Or what other back pack plush's they have at all? Any eeveelutions or suicune ;-; AH But I love my "Sinister smiling ghost" as the person described him didn't know the name haha.


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My SMJ box came today - with most of the things it should have in it, thankfully.

The highlight of the box, were these beauties, however...


No, not just the boxes of course, though I'm glad to have those too. These are extremely rare gashapon figures of the three legendary beasts - they are brand new, still in their packages apart from Entei, but he's assembled nicely.

I have been waiting for an auction like this to come up, and luckily I managed to snag them for my good friend sui_kune and myself. ^_^

I've already bought several Raikous - (about three different ones to make the fully assembled one I have now WITH a tail, though he has some smudges I don't like), and three Suicunes (my current one is perfect, though).

I plan to assemble Raikou when I get some good craft glue, and probably once my arm is healed, since I don't think I can do it at the moment (I would hate getting the eye stickers off centre, and I don't trust my dad enough to not screw it up since the stickers are so tiny.

Either way, Suicune and Entei with their boxes will be mailed off to sui_kune, along with my old Raikou since I've got a new one. ^_^

More pictures under the cut!

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(no subject)

hey all :]
i'm new here kindaa
i've loved pokemon for EVER since it was on ytv here in canada
i have a toy box in my closet
and it has lots of pokemon stuff in it
mostly pikachu or meowth

now i LOVE gary
and i'm wondering what other merch is out their besides THIS figurine i picked up today:

it has all the officialy TOMY copyrights on his back
did they make any plushies or other bigger figures of him? :D

any help is appreciated! thanks!

Superior, Xemnas

A nice, heavy post for you all - SMJ Package!

Yeah, you've heard IMAGE HEAVY POST WARNING a lot of times before, but this is one of those times when it's serious. Picture count - 28 (All jpg) If you're on dial up, be warned. Broadband...... Well, I'm using that right now and it's pretty quick. The images aren't too huge, but that could just be my screen res.

To start off, photopost! Not quite sure how many of you here will understand parts of the story.... Heh. Brawl.
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For those wishing to skip straight to the goods, it's here. Carry on scrolling until the photopost loads though.
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If you just really, really can't stand photoposts, but are curious to see the loot from SMJ -
(Warning! FAKE CUT Approaching!)

So, later today will be a small Sales / auction post, with Zukan & Kids figures. Please, don't ask 'Is figure x gonna be for sale?' 'Would you sell me x?' or anything similar. There's a hint on what Zukans will be up for sale though in the post.

Pokemon Card sale post!

I've decided I really have no use for the cards anymore. I never play the game. they just sit in my binders. (sorry for camera glare)

I'm just going to link my photobucket page to spare people the friends cut :)

Everything on there is for sale! Just name your price! If I think it's fair the item is yours.

I have 3 more binders full of cards, so if you're looking for a card,I can see if I have it or not. :) ( I have ALOT of cards << )


I also have the giant Minun and Plusle Japanese UFO plush to sell as well.

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First of all, Sunyshore will be updated a day early, in around 10 hours or so, the update should be ready/complete and I will post an introduction to the new/updated items! I have some REALLY good stuff that you guys specifically collect, so be excited!

EDIT: YES SOME NEW ITEMS ARE UP, but the final items will not be added until RIGHT before i post to the community, so if you start to make purchases now you will potentially miss out on other new items! just keep that in mind please! i don't want to have to combine shipping/refund shipping to 20 people.

The SUNYSHORE UPDATE will include a brand new MINT IN BOX BELL PLUSH AUCTION! I was lucky to get my hands on a BUNCH MORE, some of them that you guys missed out on, some that I tried very hard to get, like Eevee, Vulpix, Caterpie, and Gloom! They will be available on "auction" here for about 48 hours, so please do bid if interested! I will combine shipping on Sunyshore orders or previous bell plush orders if you wish.

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AAaaaand third but not least, I want to introduce my


Which means once I have the Zapdos and Jolteon bell plushies, I will have EVERY SINGLE PLUSH OF EVERY ELECTRIC POKEMON THAT WASN'T MASS MARKETED (meaning non-raichu Mice and Elekid).
WOW!! Anyway the new Mareeps are... BURUBURU MAREEP (she shakes and jitters!) and sleepy blanky Mareep with Pichu and Pika pals (one of the rarest plush in the set that was released of many small plush attached to a plush centerpiece).