January 27th, 2008

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To Those who bought the Zukans

To those of you who bet on and won zukan, I apologize for not having shipped them out yet.

I'm -very- sick at the moment and I've hardly had time to be online, let alone venture out into the nasty rain/cold that's been plowing through Southern California this last week. I'm planning on sending them out Monday, since the post isn't open on Sundays anyway.

I apologize again for not having contacted you all earlier, but between the non-stop coughing and the headaches, I've not been up to dealing with the computer much.

In order to compensate for my tardiness, I'm going to be sending them all as overnight packages.

Again, my apologies and thanks for your patience <3

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TCG Question

I decided last week that I wanted to collect all of the Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 TCG cards (feel free to offer any you want to be rid of!), but I ran into a bit of a problem. I can't seem to find a full list of them anywhere... Gym Heroes isn't quite the Gym 1 set and Gym 2 isn't quite Gym Challenge, so the English sets aren't really translatable unless I look at the whole thing together (which means I need to look up the images for the cards and it somewhat hard to check out what exactly I need to look for next).

The closest I could find was an outdated one on Pojo which neglected entire cards when there were two different cards for the same Pokémon at different levels (such as Blaine's Charmander, or Giovanni's Meowth). It's sort of useful, but also not.

Does someone know a place that has the full listing of cards in each of the Japanese sets?

Also, happyjolteon... I wanted to make sure you got my payment and that the Scyther/Scizor Zukan will be sent soon. I just haven't heard from you since I sent it out and wanted to double-check. ^^

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What's new at Sunyshore? How about giant talking Pichu plushies, Skitty and Wobuffet plushies, Croconaw plush and more?! Stamps with your favourite Pokemon, like Shroomish (it was true!), Plusle, Magikarp, Slowbro, Dratini, and everyone's favourite.... HITMONCHAN! YEAH!!
As for Figures, would you like Gligar, Mareep, Sneasel, Totodile or Chikorita to hug your pencil as you write? How about stamp sets galore! A Raichu keychain set! And don't even get me started on new Diamond and Pearl things...

All NEW ITEMS can be seen on the NEW ITEMS page! There's multiple pages of newly added goodies, so do enjoy yourselves over there!

There have also been a few items updated... I'll detail those five under the cut.

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Also I have BELL PLUSHIES YAY!!!! I stayed up and battled a plenty for some of these dudes, so give them a looksee!

The circled ones are who I have/who are not currently beind held. Click under the cut to check current bids/starting prices! To bid, just comment with your offer, and if someone has previously made an offer please make your bid a comment to them. These offers will end in roughly 24 hours, so bid now!

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Superior, Xemnas

Small sales post!

Hey guys! Small sales/auction post here! Starting off, auctions -

First off, I accept Paypal ONLY if you're outside the UK. I accept trades, my wishlist can be seen here. I'll accept haggling, but please be fair.
Shipping will be $2 to UK, $2.50 to Europe, and $3 to the US. Amada stickers on their own will be $2 flat.

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may you find comfort here

Sales Post!

Last month I sold a set of keychains, and was completely surprised that I managed to sell them off all within that weekend and people were actually asking if I had anymore! So, I decided to buy another set and sell them again seeing as they did so well.

As much fun as it was, it was also a very quick lesson in selling online with something other than eBay, so hopefully I'll get it right, this time. lol I have a couple Eeveelution keychains in this post, but those I figured that I would try to auction off instead of just give a flat rate. happyjolteon gave me the idea, I believe, because I guess I underestimated the amount of big Eevee fans, so I figured that I would try selling those that way, and if it doesn't work out then I'll just figure a flat rate and try that.


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All bidding ends Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 (2/3/08) at 8pm EST.

As far as payment goes, I can only accept PayPal at this time, I'm afraid.

Thank you for looking, everyone, and if you have any questions PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE feel free to ask! :)
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Something I found while browsing eBay

Remind anyone of the Mew stylus? There's a Chimchar and a Pikachu too :P

Also! I'm kind of looking for any Nido zukan. I've checked on eBay, and the only one on there is a fugly bootlegged Nidoking zukan (ew). Don't know how to use Yahoo Japan or SMJ, nor do I want to take the time to figure out how to use either of them. Plus I really don't want my shipping costs to be HUGE.

So tl;dr-ing aside, if anyone finds a Nido (either Nidoqueen or Nidoking) zukan that they're selling, just let me know :) I'm willing to spend like in the 10-15 dollar range, but probably nothing above that.

I hope this post is allowed? Haha, if it's not feel free to delete!

Admin Post - Please Read

Hey guys --

Sorry it took me awhile to get rid of those posts (I was actually trying to rest) - even though I'm a mod, I wasn't familiar with how to ban users, since I've never had to do it before.

I have set the community to invite-only for now until I can speak to badgerr_ftw and heerosferret - clearly, this person has created quite a few troll accounts and I will be banning them one-by-one as soon as I can.

If more posts appear, which I'm sure they will, please do not respond to them. I will get rid of them ASAP, but do not feed the trolls - this is clearly what they want.

pidgeot PLUSH??

The other day on ebay I tried to bid on a Pidgeot plush.. but I lost the auction over night... ;o;

Does anyone have any information on pidgeot plushes? It was out of the UK, I can only assume there are more floating around

Do waaannnttt!
Guh by Ghostmeast
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Yay new stuff update om nom nom

Been getting some new friends in the mail a lot recently... :D

I think I'm starting to really love Magmar. He is utterly ridiculous looking, but amazing all the same. ;__; The Magmar in the picture is my first clear Kids figure. Still desperately looking for clear Growlithe, Arcanine, Stunky, and Skuntank.

Also, is anyone selling any fire-type Zukans for cheap? I've decided I want to have a Zukan for every member of the Fire family. :3 The only one I already have is Growlithe/Arcanine!
Fav scene in the GN XD

A Few Things To Sell :3

Okay so i just finished posting my big sale post on my lj so if anyone would be interested in anything just lemme know...i must get rid of things X_x

Link here : http://bluetip-echelon.livejournal.com/22587.html#cutid1

I also have a few doubles of cards and stuff so if anyone's interested, just offer a price for them!

I'm also quite open to Pokee commissions for trade exchanges <333

X-posted to pokemon

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The Great Jakks Chase + Movie 11 stuff?

STILL haven't found the new Jakks plushies anywhere, so no Shellos East for Nando yet :( (That's ok, got my new Lickilicky figure to keep me company.)

However, I have found the new figure sets out, featuring Riolu, Roselia, the three full evolutions of the Sinnoh starters, all forms of Burmy, etc. My question is, I've only seen the Riolu, Roselia and Torterra in 3-packs that also feature figures I've already got, like the Piplup in the Riolu/Roselia 3-pack. Has anyone here seen those three---Riolu, Roselia and Torterra----in the single figure packs yet? I'm sure they'll show up, as I did eventually find Budew on its own, I'm just curious if they're not in my local stores yet, like the plushies.

The other thing I want to ask about is Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky merchandise. I'd like to have a look at whatever may have already been announced/released. (btw, Gin, I'd like to speak to you privately about that subject, if you don't mind.)

Have a good day, guys. 

EDIT: Decided to throw in a little picture of my current collection of plushies:

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Glaceon-pokédoll arrived(and here comes photoshoot-story too)

Hello everyone. Well, I'm newbie in this community and I love to collect Jolteon, Glaceon, Latios and Lucario stuff. I also like Cresselia(and many other pokés), but those four are "the most". I live in Finland(such a cold country in a winter and shops have too small choices in Poké-stuff).

She finally arrived to this cold land, Finland.  And all glory belongs to carolina_suikun. Thanks to her I at last got my Glaceon-plushie. And because this is "day of happiness" I decided to do little photoshoot-story about my "new baby"'s arrival. I hope you people like it. ^___^

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