January 28th, 2008


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winning bidders, please paypal your totals to MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp!
your total is your winning bid+5.50 s/h. if you have a previous bell plushie win/sunyshore order, you only have to add an extra $1.50 (and please mention this in the paypal order, or i will get mixed up!)

dont forget to include the name of your bell plushie as well, of course :3

those three ? of you paying money order, if you dont have my american address already, email me at the same email as my paypal is and i will tell you :)

Eevee: $35.00 (mrshellsing420)
Vulpix: $25.00 (blodia)
Electabuzz: $15.00
Gloom: $13.00 (blackjackrocket)
Venusaur: $9.00(twitterpainted) PAID
Charizard: $30.00scarsofsunlight) MO pending
Blastoise: $11.00 (gc_chicken) PAID
Slowbro: $9.00
Caterpie: $12.00 (gogoicarus)
Ivysaur: $13.00 (gearpony)
Wartortle: $11.00 (olesvenson) PAID
Sandshrew: $14.00 (regen)

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Feelin' out of the groove...

First off, I reduced prices and added something to my sales post. I really want to get rid of it all, so I even have a lot price listed.

I also revamped my wants list if anyone wants to trade.

Second, I'm in kind of an odd slump.

I'm feeling a little... I don't know, regretful about my collecting hobby and I'm considering relinquishing parts of my collections and narrowing down my priorities. It's not an issue of money (though I would have a lot more if I backed off) and it's not that I'm losing interest in Pokemon, per se. After all, I still want to build my empire of Quilavas and flying-types. For some reason, collecting's just been feeling unnatural for me lately and it's beginning to feel like more of an addiction than an enjoyable hobby; that I've been buying stuff just for the sake of having it (when I usually buy stuff because I genuinely like it). :/ I just want to back off a bit before it gets too out of hand for me, if it hasn't already.

The question is: If I do decide to relinquish parts of my collection, would selling in lots on LJ or eBay be the best way to go, or would attempting to sell individually work just as well, if not better?

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the input; it really means a lot to me. I can't respond to everything, but I've read each reply through more than once and I'll keep them in mind for the future. =)
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Anyone good at costuming?

So my girlfriend [info]chrissii and I are going to be attending Anime Boston in late March and want to dress up as Pokémon Trainers, but neither of us is very good at sewing or anything. A lot of you here seem to take your Pokémon fandom into various crafts and I was wondering if anyone here would be capable of making a couple of costumes for us? We're willing to pay, obviously, and you'd be really helping us out. I wanted to go as either the Gold/Silver trainer or 2nd costume Ash, and she was thinking either Dawn or May.

If no one wants to or is unable to help, does anyone know of a good place to look for someone to do this for us?

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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Uh... We are already on that floor?

Well, I've picked up quite a few new Jakks plushes lately. Obsession really. I was hoping my Bell Plushes would arrive before I would take these, but since I bought like 5 or 6 Jplushies today, I figured, oh well. Target had added quite a few to their Pokemon area, and restocked their Shellos!

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question + wishlist

thanks to everyone who answered my question! <333

well.. i'm a n00b to collecting pokemon stuffs
but i was wondering what exactly IS this toy of ash...
i'd love all the info you guys can give me :D

and my wishlist HERE (pokemon stuff is at the bottom)


Sales Post

I was digging through a box of some of my old Pokéstuff and found several things I figured could go to new homes since I had no need of them anymore. Prices are negotiable and additional pictures can be made upon request.

Plushes, BK toys, Tomy figures, stamps, mini toys, stickers, Topps cards, a Wendy's toy, and a few oddballs can be found here. :3

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Multipurpose Post =)

First off...I decided to take a picture of my Gallade collection as I ♥ him so much ^_^ I was wondering if you guys notice if I am missing anything? (except for the DX figure..as a friend of mine got it for me as an early b-day gift, and should be here soon, I hope ^_^!) I also know I am missing that little candy/vending machine? I also cannot wait until his plushie is released O_O!! Ah well...Anyway...enjoy =D!

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Second...I received mail from jaebird & ssjvaporeon Today =D! Thank you so much for the cards!! (Remember people =P If you have any spare Ralts+evos cards...show me, I'll gladly trade/buy them if I need them ^_^)

And jolteon234 Your cards will be mailed tomorrow morning. I was rushing this morning and totally forgot to grab it to mail it x_X; sorry >_<;

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And last but not least....Still trying to get rid of these cards xD I do not want them! Take them awayyyyy xD

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Char-line looooove~

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Hello all :)
My charmander/fire types collection has grown tenfold since the first time I took a picture of it...and it has been growing as the days go by :DDDD

Yesterday I got a tube with some sinnoh pokemon from a friend of mine (the people at his job gave them to him) and the only one of the five that I wanted was the pikachu (and not even for me!) so I have the rest for sale here:

Unfortunately for me, I can only take concealed cash or money order :/ inconvenient I know. I also accept trades for fire type pokemans 8D

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Oh, ssjvaporeon I still have combee cards for you :)
Superior, Xemnas

Random stuff, and Shieldon Collection!

First things first - enshogirl, I received the Electabuzz Zukan, Wartortle sticker & Shieldon coin, and happyjolteon, I received the Luxio coin! Thank you both!
Also, if anyone has purchased anything from me lately, would it be possible to ask for feedback whenever you have a moment? <3

So, thought I'd post a pic of my Shieldon collection so the post isn't completely boring :D

Not shown is one trading card. If anyone has anything Shieldon not seen here and might be willing to part with it, please let me know! I really want to fill up those gaps >_>;