January 29th, 2008



hey dudes, in case you didnt see, these are the winners/people who need to pay for bell plushies :D the total is your bid + 5.50 s/h, unless you have a previously pending sunyshore order or bell plush, in which case it is only 1.50 extra :3 my paypal is MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp.

from last time:
Dratini: $25.00 (quaizr)

from this time:
Eevee: $35.00 (mrshellsing420)
Ivysaur: $13.00 (gearpony)

Venusaur: $9.00 (twitterpainted) PAID
Charizard: $30.00 (scarsofsunlight) MO pending
Gloom: $13.00 (blackjackrocket) MO pending
Vulpix: $25.00 (blodia) PAID
Sandshrew: $14.00 (regen) PAID
Blastoise: $11.00 (gc_chicken) PAID
Wartortle: $11.00 (olesvenson) PAID
Caterpie: $12.00 (gogoicarus) PAID

also.... check out who is joining my collection soon... :D
SURRRRRRGE he also has a thunder badge, not pictured.

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Okay... how many people total paid for items they never got from somebody?

I've been getting a ton of IMs about this lately, especially from people who bought with tksama.

So reply if you are missing items from sellers. I can't get your money back or anything, but I want to get a clear idea of how bad this problem really is.

EDIT: I emailed tksama to see if everything is okay with her :) I'll post right away if I find anything out. For now, let's give her the benefit of the doubt... although I can see why you are all frustrated and worried. As for those other mishaps with other sellers, I recommend emailing them, commenting on their personal journals, or sending them an LJ message. Good luck!

Trading Post

Hi guys! I'm looking for 5 pokemon cards, and I was hoping somebody would like to trade with me for 'em.

I'm trying to finish my gen2/gen3 "pokedexes" (lol), and I need a Politoed, a Teddiursa, a Shedinja, a Banette and a Regirock of any set/etc. Oh, and if anybody has that ridiculously shiny Entei promo card I'd like to trade for that, too!

Unfortunately I have PayPal problems at the mo', so trading or concealed cash seems to be the way to go. I do have a lot of cards to trade though!

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Oh, and if anybody is interested in these cards for buying, I'd be willing to discuss it. Hey, then if you buy via PayPal I can go on and use those funds to buy the cards I need, so everybody wins?
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sales + update


I have a whole lot so ASK.

Here's what I've gotten in the past few weeks (from people on lj):
Interactive Simba plush OMFG I CARRY HIM AROUND and I looooove him. :)
A LOT of Kids figures roughly 40 of them, including shiny Treecko.
Pikachu "Name" Keychain I put him on my backpack. ouo
Washcloth + Shiny custom kids + other the washcloth is very helpful. I use it to massage my gums.
And that's about it. I made a Shaymin Shirt for my best friend castforms...
I made another one for another user (it was of a Mudkip) and shipped it out last week... so it shouldn't be long before it arrives~

edit I just got 24 more Kids and a Phanpy and Bulbasaur plush today~ whoo! (thanks Miss Jess~ I love the way those plushies smell!)

(click for figure sales)

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Just to let everyone know the auctions over in this post will be ending in just under 30 minutes! This post will be edited after that time to show the winners.

Bagon/Shellgon/Salamence: $15 - tsukiyashi
Wynaut/Wobuffet: $13 - meowthcollector - PAID!
Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile: $10 - phoenixxfoxx

Other items on hold
sonicelectronic - Roserade Kid
onigirigami - Froslass Amada Sticker
kasaiface - Drifloon Kid

Shipping will be $2 to UK, $2.50 to Europe, and $3 to the US. Amada stickers on their own will be $2 flat.
With that in mind

By the way, this Mew plush on eBay might be..... Interesting, for some of us? At least, the price should be 8D;


As far as I know, I FINALLY caught up, meaning that yes, I finally have one of each official stuffed Buneary ever released. That is, unless there's a bunny or two out there I don't know about! If there's one you think I'm missing, PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me.

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Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

Team Rocket, Pikachu, and the runs in straight line Avenger :D

Whoa, Team Rocket finally won!
...Pikachu sure looks happy considering he finally lost to Team Rocket. D: (Translation: Most amazing. plushie. ever.)

Up, up, and away!

Also, my Massuguma plushie came!.......To Gin's house. She has been holding him hostage and forcing him against his will to do her dishes and stuff. Here he is, staring longingly at my IM window. (Note how there is no actual IM window. Also note his jovial expression D:)

ALSO, most importantly, real life has come at me again. :D I almost got kicked out of my apartment yesterday due to problems paying rent. So I have decided to sell off a big portion of my Pokemon collection, and will also be auctioning a few things (Like my Furret zukan D:). That stuff will be posted tomorrow. Watch out for it, it has pretty decent things unlike the stuff I have up on Sunyshore 8,,,DDDD

Last but not least, sorry for not responding to everyone's responses and stuff. (Omg beacause everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats for a response from me lulz) I read them all, I just fail at communication D:
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LOTS of items for sale!

I've got an assortment of keychains, figures, zukan, and Mega Bloks available for sale. All are in mint condition [most in original packaging] unless otherwise noted, and prices are listed in USD.

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Edit There are lots of items left. ^__^