January 30th, 2008


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OKAY, everyone. I have talked to TKsama and got a complete list of what is going on and what you need to contact her about. I made it clear I am not going to tolerate abuse of the community over this... it's not the first time I've had a similar moderating issue and it went exactly the same way. However, I will do whatever I can to make sure this ends peacefully, and TKsama can still visit the community, and we can work past our problems and find forgiveness. This isn't me justifying what was done wrong... it is me saying let's get along and fix it.

Just don't email her with abuse, no matter if she has been writing it to you. She is very upset over everything and probably feeling pretty guilty, so let's give her a chance to get everything sorted out for you guys.

Here is the master list.

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Japanese Shining Mewtwo

I have a Japanese Shining Mewtwo that I'm interested in selling. I believe he's from the Neo 4 series.
Is he still a highly looked for card?
Is it true this card came from only 1 in about 100/200-ish boxes?
Does anyone know how much he's going for? I've seen it range from $50 to $100+ a few years ago but I'm not sure about the current price range now.
If anyone's interested in buying him please let me know. United States and Paypal only please!

Thank you! :)

Fern's TCG Special Package

Hi I would like to toss up this idea before I make my larger sales post (later today or over the weekend time pending) so you can have as much choice as possible.

I'm offering up special pokemon card deals. The whole package is 25 dollars (that price includes the shipping fees so its a flat 25 dollars-30 for international buyers.)

What you get:

10 commons
5 uncommons
3 rares
2 foil rares 

for a total of 20 cards. :D

(also some of the other commons/uncommons will be reverse foils)

I know I can do three of these sets. If these sell out I will see if I can do more but for now three it is. 

Here's the fun part though :D

Tell me TWO of your favorite pokemon types (water/fire/electric exct) and I will theme the cards around these two types. If you have more thats fine too but at least two.

Also tell me 5 of your favorite pokemon. NOW- I cannot guarntee you will get all of these cuz I dont have cards of everyone..but its a refrence for me to know what you like. I have a lot of cards most from Deoxys set up. So its kind of a suprise but Im just trying to thin out my collection and help you with yours at the same time so if I see for some odd..reason I dont have anything you would like I'll let you know before I tell you to pay. I do have A LOT of cards, and I will try my best to get everyone of your five pokemon in the cards . It would probably help if your five were not all legendaries or something a long those lines. You guys know what the rare cards are and such. :P

Set 1: 

Set 2:

Set 3:

Payment for these is through paypal only. Thanks for reading and any questions as always- feel free to ask.

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DB// yup that was me

D: and :D

Update fooor shadowsoflove--

I was hoping hoping once I got back to school that the little Clefairy zukan would be waiting for me, but I haven't seen it. D: I called the local post to see if they got it in, but since they aren't answering the phones, I'm going to head over there myself to see if they know what happened to it. Protocol might've made them send it back but I have no idea. S'WHY I'M GONNA CHECK.

While I'm at it, out of curiosity, do you still have that dome slowpoke, kari_xiii? If you do, I still wanna wait to see how your magnet situation turns out before I do anything, but I just wanted to check <33

NOW, I got two lovely slowpoke figures from juumou to add to my tiny army some time ago, so I wanna show them off 8D

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My love for Jiggly and Wiggly have also shown themselves, and I am curious as to what merch there is of them :> Especially Wiggly.
Also, throw some of your Phanpy stuff my way 8D I really want a plush of him like burning.
star wars cial nixon?!

cat attack

no photos, no sales, just a collection related story.

so i just got me a cat. and being still a kitten, she's doing still kitten things. she started going after some stuffed animals she found (namely a bunneary plush i was going to try to sell buuuut  now it seems to be her favourite thing to drag around kicking and fighting) and knocking things down, etc. but yesterday she crossed the liiiiiine.

in addition to dragging two of my 131 skunpoo pokemon kids into the main room and dropping them on my feet for attention, she also raided the lowest shelf of the mewtwo museum. i can't find the base for a foam standup that was on there, but she took the mewtwo itself into the living room and was kicking it around when i caught her.

so collectors, question is this.

if you have cats, do they just learn not to touch the collection via a long series of repeating the word 'no' and spritzing with water bottles or something? or do you have to catproof collections? i've never had an indoor cat, always been a dog person, so this is all new territory for me.
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Where in the World

For a few months now even way before Christmas I have been searching out to find the Talking Pikachu Plush from Diamond and Pearl, I have seen tons of Chimchar,Turtwig, and on occasions Piplup in this series, they feature a Pikachu in this set on the back of the boxes and I have yet to even see one, even on Ebay...Was this Pikachu ever made that is pictured with this set of Diamond and Pearl Talking Plush, cause I have yet to find him...?

Heres the others but where's the pika that's pictured?
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New stuff!

May have a sales post up later this week - thinning out my collection some, along with some highly discounted stuff.

warandromance - I need your address please!

AND NOW - my stuff from Gin came today!


I will always be amazed at how detailed the chougetto figures are for being SO SMALL! :3

New kids are below the cut!

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Gossip Girl: Summer Blair


As stated in my post yesterday, some misfortune has come my way regarding my apartment, and I am now resorting to selling a good portion of my collection. This is the stuff I have weeded out for now, but more stuff may come in the days to follow. This is my beloved stuff which I never thought I'd sell, so please give them a good home ;^;

For Auction:

Furret and Sentret zukan (Was purchased brand-new a few weeks ago, is in mint condition. Was taken out of the plastic and displayed) (*Note: Raticate zukan not available)

Starting price: $6.00 Current bid: $6 by tonko_ni
Ends: Friday, 2/1, 10 am EST.

For sale: Lots of stuff! Items for direct sale and rules under the cut.

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