January 31st, 2008

Pokemon - Buds

Shop pimp and card selling

Still selling stuff~

I got the Zukan today, anuvia. Thanks <3

Also, I have some cards I want to sell off here

NEW - The Espeon cards are put on auction until Saturday night at 10pm Central time (4am GMT). Midnight CST on Friday (6am GMT)
Sorry, it didn't occur to me that Saturday's not the best day for me to keep up with things xP

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I also have a Gligar Zukan that's not in my shop yet, and so I'll just put it out there here before I update the store journal later on.
It doesn't come with any of the inserts, just the Gligar, stick, and stand.
$4 shipped inside the U.S, $6 shipped anywhere else (Includes paypal fee)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, items are shipped on TUESDAY of each week.
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Squirtle figure.. what is it called?

I recently got this

as a freebie in the mail with something I ordered from someone here... I just think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever and wanted to know what it was called.. like.. and if there are any more in the "set". It's about 1.5" tall and rubbery... if anyone knows, please comment!

Also, I still am looking to buy any lots of 10 or more Kids figures, as well as any shiny ones. ^^ You can comment if you want to help.


My google-fu is failing me right now, so I have a question.

I've bought some cards recently and want to put them in a binder or something. Where can you buy those plastic card binder inserts? Or for lack of a better term, the sheets that hold collectible cards in a binder. I'm guessing you can get them at Wal-Mart or something?



So. :0 anyone going to con this year?

I wasn't going until I found out...... THE DIRECTOR OF LUGIA BAKUTAN! will be there signing :) Allmost as cool as when I ate lunch with the Ikue Otani!!(pikachu)

Just thought I'd inform everyone!
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A small collection update!

I've received quite a few new items lately, and I thought I would share some of my favourites. My collection isn't well organized right now because I'm temporarily living with my grandparents. I hope to set up a more permanent structure once I move back home. In any regard, a lot of sellers in this community have helped my collections expand immensely. ♥

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Lastly, a quick note to those who saw my sales post from a couple of nights ago: all packages that are paid for by Sunday will be guaranteed for shipment this Tuesday [assuming Staples delivers my shipping supplies on time]. I have about twenty orders to ship out, but that's perfectly fine because I always love a good challenge. There are still some items available as well, for those of you who might have missed it. ^___^