February 1st, 2008

Superior, Xemnas

Store update, and croc collection!

Starting off, I recently updated store_xiii with a few new figures, including these lil guys -

There's also new Starter Packs! Including Skitty, Zigzagoon/Linoone, Wynaut/Wobbuffet, Poochyena, Torchic & more! Check those out this post for more info! Perfect to start a collection, or add to your existing collection!
And! There's now an order status page so you can check your position.

With all that out the way, no new packages for me, but I did decide to take a pic of my Crocs together.

I'm still primarily collecting plushies, but if I see a figure.... Well, I'm not about to pass it up, haha. See anything not here (That isn't a card or sticker)? I'm interested!

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I am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY it has taken SO LONG for me to send bell plushies/sunyshore orders. i have literally not had enough in my wallet to mail everything. i have gotten a few things out but the majority is a good 200-300$ in shipping and it is taking an UNGODLY amount of time to come over from my paypal. i am SO SORRY you guys ;_; it will all be out by early next week AT THE LATEST, as I can't mail things on weekends in Japan. I am really so sorry. Please forgive ;_;

Second of all, the QWEST for my Last Luxray Plushie will end in 24 hours... I extended it by a day because I was so dumb about putting a deadline in. Manectric here would like to show off the lovely lady in question! (She's a bit "wrapped up" at the moment, her poor earsies... YES you do get the bow for her! A real Harajuku bow, WOOOOOWWWW :D)

Want her? Check out THIS POST to see how you can win her, or some Pokemon Kids if you are a runner up! Remember- get your stuff in in the next 24 hours! Email it to me or comment in my private LJ with your drawings. I love EVERYTHING I have gotten so far, thank you so much guys!
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What is there to collect?

Hey, I was wondering what kinda Lapras, Mew, Umbreon, and Poliwag stuff there is to get. I am looking for Mew and Lapras stuff. I am just keeping an eye out for stuff for my boyfriends Umbreon collection and stuff for my friend Miccys Poliwag collection.

Here is my wants list to give you an idea of what stuff I do know about: Want List

I just got my 1st Lapras plush today, its the PokeDoll. As far as my Mew collection goes I have like 10 plushies and 5 figures.
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Well, this was a nice surprise. Pokemon Organized Play sent me a letter today with two POP 6 promo series packs inside :D


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Oh snap, I got a nice haul :D However, I already have that Lucario promo and I don't want any of the others, so I'll be updating prtcg very shortly with them on sale for a cheap price.
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Hey when you guys get a new figure or something in a package that is brand new and is semi rare/old, do you keep it in the packaging? Or take it out? My thought would be to keep it in the packaging but i was just thinking.

Also i see a sales post in your future. (spring cleaning :D) (even though it's not spring)
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Notes and new arrivals

anuvia and warandromance, I got your packages yesterday. :D Thanks!

To those who bought stuff from me, please let me know if/when you get the packages! I just hope that the mail doesn't eat them. D:

For the real point of this post, I just want to post a few things I've gotten lately; most of it is Kyogre stuff that I got a few weeks ago and was originally going to wait to show them off until my SMJ box arrived (with more Kyogre junk), but since it just shipped out today... >> I'm too impatient. XP

Just note that this isn't EVERYTHING that I've gotten in recently, just the stuff I really want to post pics of.

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hey all... just wanted to sure my mini pokemon collection
i had ALOT of figures and stuff when i was kid but sold alot of it =(
but i have a few things i've gotten recently i nthe past few years that i LOVE and make up my little collection ^^

i also have the first season or two on VHS in english
y'know... the red spinned videos by pioneer
i LOVE those omg hahaha

anyways here's just two pics for now...<3

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thats it :D
im not as into pokemon as i was before
and the new episodes i dont love
but the little collection i have...i LOVE
Happy Mew
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Huge Sales Post TCG, TFG, Toys, Auctions and more!

HI. Big sales post going on. But first I want to say I've recieved everything that people mailed me :D Scarsofsunlight (I think thats your LJ name. You sent me mew. Your Charizard is going out tomorrow. I just got stamps. Sorry for the delay. )

Now. Most of these are name your own prices. I do know the value of these cards though, so don't try to cheap me. HOWEVER I need money so Im obviously not looking for book/ebay value on these cards. They are ALL MINT unless otherwise stated. They are book kept. I have a TON of uncommons/commons that if you BUY something from me and you want me to check if I have something simply ask :3 I'll sell most of them for about .50 cent.

All of these cards are RARE FOIL/HOLOS or PROMOS.

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Any questions feel free to ask. All Auctions go till Sunday at 10 pm EST.

For the most part I need cash. However if you think you have something dealing with the following pokemon that I might like feel free to ask and we will perhaps trade: Umbreon, (any eeveelution but especially umbreon) Suicune, Absol, Raichu, Rayquaza, Mew, Sentret/Furret, Breloom, Houndoom/Houndour
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