February 2nd, 2008



I'm a little tired of SMJ sending only 1-2 items in a box at a time. It's really a waste of shipping - anyone else have this problem lately? :/

Nontheless, I was glad to get the items I did, today!

Clear/Normal Glaceon!


Below the cut - two ferret figures (obviously not pokemon related), but also from Y!Japan.

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jack; paperspider

a hello, selling, and looking-for post!

hi, you guys! I'm new.. my name's jaqueline, jack for short. it may be a little surprising, but.. I really love pokémon! lol. I love it to the extent that I have a story and fantrainer, calico, who is a rocket. it's not shaded yet, but there's a an attempted-sugimori style picture of her here.

anyway! I'm really amazed by the collections in this community. @ @ if they only made more farfetch'd and golduck merchandise.

currently I'm selling a part of my collection to make room for pokémon stuff I really love ― i.e., plushies and pvc figures. there's a lot, not too many rare things, but the post is located in my sales journal: click! someone could give this stuff a much better home.

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I'll take pictures of the rest of the not-for-sale part of my collection when I get my hands on my boyfriend's good camera. in the meantime, a cellphone picture of two favorites:

thanks very much!
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card halp

A while back, prguitarman was listing a couple of good card-buying sites to go to, and I found a good slowpoke promo that I hadn't seen before. It was in a set with slowbro and slowking, and seemed to be magazine promos. (possibly corocoro?)
For whatever reason, I didn't buy them, and now I've lost the site. Google has failed me, but at least ebay supplies me with a picture. I don't want to buy it off ebay, because I remember the site gave the whole set for cheaper. D:

I just remember it had a black background and a simple, transparent table layout. It sold cards and a couple pokedolls, from what I remember. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

dr. raikou

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i used to have the giant raikou from the NY pokemon center... but today it was claimed by another ;-; i didn't even get asked my opnion on this, it was just...taken from me. doctor!! DOCTOR!!!

PS: this is the same evil monster that was dragging off gogoicaru's mewtwos and skunpoos. she is visiting for the weekend and already has stolen my prize plush ;_;
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Dialga shirt?

Hi guys.

Does anyone know where I can get this Dialga shirt?

I've searched on eBay but all that is there are the ones that have Ash/Palkia/Sinnoh starters. tortoises and I were going to have someone order stuff from the site for us, but it looks like we can't do that anymore. :(

Also, I'm waiting on a buttload of stuff.. stupid AusPost sure is taking its sweet time delivering my stuff..

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OMG GUYS! I finally got it! The Corocoro Japanese Shining Mew card!


AHHHH it's so awesome *O*! And sparkly! Good lord this card is sparkly. This card's shine could probably be seen from outer space.

I just wanted to brag k bye


Sorry to spam, but I wanted to make sure these people saw my note. Please feel free to delete if it's not allowed. ^^;

heerosferret, junolover, happyjolteon, taycs:

-I believe I sent payments to you that may have fallen through. Let me know if they have and I will re-send them. Someone stole my bank account information and I had to close the account that was connected to my Paypal. As a result, all of the transfers got cancelled. One or two might have gone through before the account was closed and I wanted to check which ones did. I didn't make notes in all of the sent payments that let me know for certain which auction was which (I had a few from eBay also), so if you could please leave your Paypal e-mail I'll send out payment tonight again. I am REALLY sorry about this and hope you'll forgive me.

Bank account thieving is not cool, people. -_-

-Also, to the people that bought from my sales post a few days ago, everything will be sent out on Monday because I had to straighten out this whole mess earlier today instead of going to the Post Office like I intended. I apologize for the delay and hope you'll forgive me, but they will definitely be off on Monday. ^^;

YAY! Pictures! =)

juumou The items that my friend bought from you (for the both of us) have all arrived! Everything is great, thank you!!

ETA Added More Cards on Feb 3rd!

Also...I added newer cards to my sales post ^_^...as usual, ask if there's a particular Pokemon you collect (just incase I don't have them pictured) Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle...OH MY (XD) Enjoy =D Collapse )Please! Take them away XD

I also finally got around to organizing my other collections!! (Though...this doesn't include a new picture of my Psychic Kid Army XD sorry XD) But yes...I finally got around to taking better pictures!! ^_^

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So there ya have it xD Finally some new collection pictures. Thank you all for taking a look!!! =D

And just a random question, goku_the_saru I am just curious as to if you mailed the Gardevoir card yet ^_^ Thanks =D!!!

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