February 3rd, 2008

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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On custom hat commissions.

Does anyone know of a good and reputable person to commission a custom Pokemon fleece hat from?

I don't want one right away, if ever, but if there's anyone that could pull any Pokemon off, please let me know so I can sleep on it a bit and plan ahead. :D Thanks!
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Collection updates!


Ok a fyuu things to touch on.

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Also; I'm expecting a fair bit in the mail, and um, if you've sent anything, could you let me know? XD

I have started commissions again, I am so so so sorry for being such a crap person to commisson from, but if you're on the waiting-list, or waiting to get on the list (tbh, why are you? D:) things are moving again. What with Christmas, and the aftermath and whatnot, I took longer off than I expected I'd need to.
But I stated that I'd be slow on the commissions journal, sooo. I'm eternally sorry? ;-;

Also, I've had toddler problems. A friend of my mother's visited saturday morning and brought their son. I was still asleep at this time,a nd I came down to find he'd destroyed some of the stuff I had out for picture taking/waiting to be packed up. AND some of my personal collection toys. Most of it was fixable (some sadly not). But I seriously nearly cried. And I can't believe I nearly cried. XD;;

And that's about it I guess, I swear I had something else to put up..
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About The Previous Sale Post...

Thank you everyone. In the future I hope to put more different Pokemon items up for sale. :D

candycafe , magicpineapple , firebomb : The items will be shipped out Monday morning around 9:00 EST. Thank you! :)


raifreak : Are you still interested in the plush Flareon? You haven't responded to the last message I gave you. If you're still interested in the Flareon please give me your zip code so I can give you the exact costs for shipping.

goku_the_saru : I'll let you know if the plush Flareon becomes available or not. If not, are you still going to purchase the Mew promo card?

atomicstoney : I'll let you know if the Mew Promo card becomes available or not.

Thanks again! ^_^