February 4th, 2008


Sales post, and note!

warandromance, your package will go out this week! I'm sorry it's taking so long. I haven't been able to get a ride to the post office! >_< Usually shipping times is NEVER a problem for me, but I'm still uncomfortable with driving.

I've pulled some things from my personal collection for various reasons, but the main being that I feel a little 'out' of the collecting as someonen else here said; I'm just kind of buying stuff to buy it, and not because it makes me happy.

I'm trying to thin out what it is I collect (which is really, really difficult).

Under the cut are kids figures, pencil toppers and mini-cot figures!

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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So, my final order from the Pokemon Center came in and only now (out of the few orders I've made there) do I realize why people have complained about their shipping/packaging.

Yeah, ew. =| Notice the rip to the right; the picture doesn't do it justice, but you could literally see what was inside. Had the layer of bubble plastic not been there, it would've gotten to the precious cargo inside...

At least he made it here safely! (And wow, this is so soft compared to the other Pokedolls!)
Fav scene in the GN XD

My Time Pony Has Cometh Home!! *-*

Hai everyone, i haven't even posted my Pokee collection yet since i'm waiting for my other packages to get to me X_X It would be so much more attractive as well if i was already moved in to my permenant place and had them all on a shelf -__-


Look who i picked up in a huge ass box today at the Post Office!!
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Pokemon - Buds

Multi-purpose post!

First off: To those who purchased from me/my selling journal, your items have been shipped. There's like... 8 or so of you, which is a lot to dig out of my mail inbox to grab LJ names for. They SHOULD get there within 3-4 days, two went to Australia, and I do not know dates on those x.o

1) I need one of those stands for the Burger King card toys. Only looking for the stand, preferrably the one Porygon came with (it's a blueish grey with an x design thing). $4 shipped for it? Will trade like... a plush and/or a couple figures from my shop for it.
2) I am in search of a copy of Pokemon Pearl. Around $20 shipped would be SUPER. It doesn't have to have a box, it just has to be able to play in a DS. (U.S.copy for event purposes please x3)

Third: lolshopad. Yeah. ragnablade. I have one box and three padded envelopes to ship things out in, as well as a photo mailer to ship lots of cards in.
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Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

Sales cont'd and shout-outs.

Hi :D

Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me so far <33 The following peoples' packages have been sent out (Monday, 2/4)


andyboyh, your package will be mailed out on Wednesday. I'm sorry, my money is transferring over from paypal and I didn't have enough in my wallet to front the shipping costs >____< I apologize. I will let you know after your package has been mailed!

Also, a reminder that there is still stuff for sale in this post. If you don't like the price on something, make me an offer :D

Also, 3 new items have been added (pictures pending...but I figure everyone knows what they look like anyway lulz)
Pachirisu kids $4
Zigzagoon zukan$7 ON HOLD
Zigzagoon TOMY Monster Collection $6
(Please read the rules in the original post <3 Thanks!)

Also, this is completely unrelated to Pokemon ,but I am trying to get some random plushies adopted here. Please have a look if interested!

Thanks again for looking! ♥
DB// yup that was me
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Along with the Target-exclusive giant Dialga and Palkia, THERE WAS A SLOWPOKE RELEASED AS WELL?

Along with Shellder and Pidgey or something sadhsakdahsk



My roommate told me there was three of them like, three weeks ago. But she isn't in charge of the toy section AND she was only working 2 days/week at the time -- so the timing was just all off and just sakdhaskdahkdh
And it was an ACCIDENT that they got them anyway.

Superior, Xemnas

Monferno love!

crimson_angel02, I received Monferno today! Thank you so much, and for the freebies <3

Also, on the subject of Moukazaru, I've been searching for these lil guys for a while -
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So yeah, if anyone has a store that sells them and all....

And, to end it off, a wonderful image of how tidy our TRU stores are (Or, mine at least).

And remember guys - This is in the UK. Double the price for dollars price (That's right - $7 for a pack of cards).
This part of the post asks this question - Is anyone else's local TRU (In the UK) this untidy? And, has yours started restocking merchandise yet of anything? >>;

Card, Azelf and Jakks.

Sorry about the huge image at first, guys! See, even I make mistakes with image sizing! (I just deleted it quickly so it wouldn't become an eye-sore.)


I posted about buying a set of promos with a group a month or so ago - well, I managed to snag the card by itself off of ebay, so I'm not going to do the group buy - sorry guys. :/ (Even with generous contributions, it was going to cost me $25 + shipping for the cards out of pocket.)

I also grabbed up the new Jakks Azelf today! (I collect all three pixies at the moment, but my favourite is Azelf, because he is me. =P)


Unfortunately, he came with two others that I don't really want - Wormadam (Trash cloak) and Kriketot.

Pictures are under the cut.

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I want Uxie and Mesprit very badly, but I have no interest in the figures that come with them. If I were to buy the other sets, would anyone be interested in Glameow, Wormadam (Plant cloak), Sudowoodo, or Roserade?