February 5th, 2008


Minor Update

Just letting junolover, heerosferret, taycs, and happyjolteon know that I re-sent out payments earlier and I again apologize for the inconvenience. Hope to see the figure, plushie, cards, and zukan in the mail soonish!

Also, I shipped out everything people bought from me today so I hope you get them soon. I had fun drawing pictures on all the boxes, so I hope you like them. :D The Togepi/Pikachu box ended up being heinously large, but I couldn't find anything tall enough that wasn't as wide. Hope you don't mind a gigantic behemoth of a box. ^^;

And finally, scarsofsunlight and kari_xiii... Still interested in the Charizard box and Charmeleon bouncy ball (respectively)?

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Baha! Here is my little random collection of kids of Harley's pokemon =3 All I'm missing is Octillery...... That little bugger is kinda difficult to find x_o; I really wish that they made a Harley kid, though ^^;

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Anyway... random question! So is anyone from this comm gonna be at Katsucon? =3 Maybe I'll run into some of you!
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Friendly Reminder!

Hi guys -- ^_^

This is just a little reminder for image posting; if you post images without a LJ-cut, please keep them 500 pixels wide or less - it just messes with our layout (and probably some of your friends list pages, too.)

I know it's easy to make mistakes, especially if you are excited to post something! (Don't worry, even I did that yesterday.)

I've just noticed it happening at a higher frequency lately - no worries, but I just wanted to put a reminder up, or in case new memebers weren't aware of this.

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After getting scammed several times on Ebay in my search for a Japanese Birthday Pikachu card and looking almost absolutely everywhere for one that didn't cost a million dollars, I sadly gave up my search and settled with the next best thing, the American version.


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I'm expecting a LOT of cards this week, so I'm excited :D

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I also reorganized and re-took pictures of the cards I have for sale (ps: tis a HUGE pic ^^) as well as added some more. They are somewhat organized by type xD (I was bored when I did this XD)....some sections are crap quality -_-;; So...if you want a better picture or have any other questions...please ask...^_^ Collapse )

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And one more thing! I've been looking for the Gallade Chou Getto (pictured under the cut) Do any of you know where I may be able to find him? Or have one for sale? Thanks =D!

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Thanks all!!

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does anybody have this pidgeotto plush beanie they might be willing to trade to me for something?

im not sure how rare it is, etc, but i do want it, if anybody might trade! im pretty damn broke right now so i dunno if i could buy it for much, but let me know. hopefully i'll be out of the red soon!

i love this community. pidgeotto GET :D

cool new raichu and lions items in the collection - ill update photos tomorrow or the next day :D also need to update jolteons, raikous, sheepies... whew!

and sunyshore orders are going out slowly, they should ALL be out by tomorrow. hope you enjoy everything!