February 6th, 2008

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Shipping notice!

All right, some good news!

Everyone who ordered and paid for items from this post will have their items mailed out today. There's about 24 of you receiving packages in total, or else I would send individual e-mails out. All I know is that there's a lot of you. [growly, your package is included with this shipment.] Packages will probably take about two weeks for U.S./international delivery, although they typically arrive sooner than that. Canadian packages should arrive with a matter of days.

I stayed up all night preparing everything, literally, so I think I'll go to bed now after removing that mountain of stuff from my sleeping area. I'll head to the post office once I regain consciousness.

Oh, and I received a couple of packages in the mail yesterday, I'll take pictures of them later. :D
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Collection post!!!! :3

Preview: My bulbadittos ;w;
(Their eyes were removed and replaced with something much better)

If anyone sees this little guy, I am desperately looking for him ;w;
*EDIT* candycafe, thank you!!!! Pkmncollectors to the rescue :D
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Love Tsushi

Hello fellow Pokefiends

This is my first time in this community! I've been a card collector for a long time and I'm very elated to have found a place I could chat about this. As far as other merch goes I'm addicted to capsule machine Pokemon keychains! I have them all over my stuff haha. If it's not cards or keychains I've been making a Mew collection which isn't complete, I'm missing several Mew cards and lots of things like that, but I'm sure my little Mew family will continue to grow! Now for some cards!

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If you feel like seeing the other 24 pages of rare cards then they're all linked through to this one HERE I've added a few more since then, including a Shining Celebi which I'm really happy with!

On a note of not showing off, I've been a bit confused... there's a Mew in the "Legend Maker" boosters right? Is there one in Holon Phantoms?
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SMJ and Eevee Pokedoll for sale/trade

Does anyone know how long SMJ takes to send a shipping invoice and do they send the invoice as soon as they send the stuff? My items were listed as shipped as of Friday night and I chose USPS Priority shipping, but they still haven't arrived and I've yet to receive a shipping invoice. :|

In the meantime, I have this Eevee pokedoll up for sale/trade:

I'd really prefer to trade it for a plushie on my wants list, but otherwise I want to sell it for $20 USD shipped to anywhere. I accept paypal from anywhere and concealed cash/money order within the US (at your own risk). I can provide alternate angle pics upon request.

EDIT: I forgot to say: papersnow, I got the Skarmory pencil topper today! The only thing is that the postman charged me an extra 72 cents due to insufficient postage, but it's on me since I love it so much. <3 Thank you!

EDIT 2: Incidentially, I just now got the invoice. >_>

Packages Shipped, Received, and Pins!

All packages have been shipped as of today! - (which means I got a ride to the post office!) warandromance, yours was mailed today as well and I received the ferrets today. ^_^

My last box from the pokemon centre came today - it was mostly full of stuff for kiraras_lemon, but I did buy one thing for myself.


I've been wanting this pin set for awhile - (c'mon, it's Flygon and Solana *_* - who couldn't want that?) The pins are actually REALLY nice, though I wasn't going to pay the original price of around $25. They were marked at least half off, if I remember correctly.
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more card halp ; ;

I gathered together my list of stuff I don't have, and I was hoping someone out there knew a place where I could get pictures for these cards D:

Slowpoke WEB VS
Slowpoke (lvl 9) promo (involved in some playmat giveaway) Pojo.com link
Tamaushi University Magikarp .. WeB.

Google has failed me again, but so have the nifty card sites I got as well. D: Anyone know a site where I can actually SEE these cards? A thorough promo site or something? Not ebay or Y!J.

ilusohard pr.