February 7th, 2008

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Before I forget YET AGAIN. Is there anyone out there that can help out scarsofsunlight?
I have a few things that she wants, only she can only pay by Money Order, and since I'm in the UK, I can't accept them?
I have no idea about the um, options myself, but would someone in the US be willing to recieve the money order and send me a paypal? Sorta act like a middleman?
It won't be a huge amount, something like $10-15. No more.

Any help would be great xD 

Everything that was bought from me last time I did a sales post has finally been shipped out. So you should all have recieved/be shortly recieveing things now ^^'
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multi-purpose post

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Mostly just shiny Pokemon Kids or any Kids that come in big lots so I can save on shipping.
As for the plushes, I love the large ones, or ones that have been loved a lot and need a new home. I'm not collecting anything at the moment.. although I am leaning towards Pachirisu merch, so if you have any of that... let me know. I don't go for cards, sorry.

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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SQUEE! New stuff!

My SMJ box came! That is cause for much yaying, but I was also disappointed to see that they screwed up and put somebody else's item in with mine. Sometimes I really wonder about the professional nature of SMJ... I keep seeing little things that really make me doubt. I saw a Google ad for another alternative that isn't Rinkya, but I forgot what it was, unfortunately.

Anyways, enough rambles. On to the PICS!
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"...And family grow again"

New family members arrived today(thank you again, carolina_suikun). And they're Latios-Pokedex figure(japanese import) and Lucario-bottlecap figure. But post have been violent again.

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I was wandering around the city after school. In one store I saw Pokémon TFG-boosters in sale. And of course I bought one. :'D
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Hoppip friends
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Junk Mountain - Lowered prices and added items!

New items for sale, tons of them!!! :3 Eevees and battle pencils and fat plush, oh my!

NOTE: If payment is received by this Saturday morning Pacific time, I can ship out Saturday. If not, I may not be able to ship your items out for 2 weeks due to me being in another state.

*edit* Oops, I forgot a BUNCH of figures, added them! Cubones and laprases, and more!
Zellas edgeworth

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**UK buyers only please**

Hey all ^_^ I was advised to post this item here by someone in another community.

I'm currently trying to raise money to pay for a wig I need for this years Amecon convention and have decided to part with my Pokemon comic books. I recived these as a birthday present back when I was in Highschool so I'm sad to see them go :( I'm sure someone will give them a good home.

Set of Pokemon viz comic books. Set includes:

‘Pokemon the first movie’ vol.1 signed by Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and Rachel Lillis. Limited Edition #4117 of 8000. Still sealed in dust jacket with certificate of Authenticity. Never Opened!
‘Pokemon the first movie’ vol.1-4
‘Pokemon the first movie’ Pikachu’s Vacation
Pokemon TV animation comic – I choose You!

I would like £30 for the set, not including postage (I've still to get a price on that) I would prefer payment to be made by cheque but can use PayPal as a last resort since I don't have an account and would need to use my mothers (which she doesn't like me doing).

Pics of these items are under the cut
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