February 8th, 2008

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PokePlush Project

That's right folks, amenislytherin and I are teaming up to create the ultimate site: A pokemon plush database! It can be browsed by pokemon or by set of plush.
In order to make this happen, we need YOUR help!!

Please submit pictures of your own plush (Individual pics loved best, we will have to crop pics otherwise), and a description of the plush - this means the maker and year made. If you can't get it, or read the tag, you can take a picture of the tag. Also, a solid-colored background is preferred but not required. You can give me comments, an email, an lj note, or a link to a photobucket account with the pokemon plush's info as the image title/file name.

Full credit will be given to the owner of the plush.
We need everyone to come together to make this database possible! Even if you don't have all your plush, don't know what they are, or if they're in bad shape, just take a couple minutes to do this!

Thank you, everyone!! :3

My email is juumou@yahoo.com

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Chamo chama chamoooo

So, hey! I know that I already asked this before, but there wasn't much of a response! So I figured I'd ask again, because I am really curious:

Who in this community is going to Katsucon? ^_^ I think it would be awesome to have a meet-up or SOMETHING. I dunno. This is my first time going to Katsucon, and the first convention I've been to since Otakon 2005.... So I'm excited.

Anyway, to keep this post 'on topic'... I just want to say that after Katsucon.. I hopefully will have more to add to my plushie collection, and my Torchic and Piplup collection ^__^ I can't wait to show 'em all off!!

Speaking of Torchic and Piplup... if you are willing to draw me a picture of my two favorite crazy birdies... I will also draw you something in return!! Haha.. I'm on a Torchic and Piplup high right now ^____^ I just love 'em... and I love fun poke-arts =3
Ill - Hour of the Wolf


I meant to post pictures of him for here ages ago when I went with growly to target to buy him, but I had to wait to borrow my roommate's camera. SO:

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I'll post an actual collection post soon. I finally got the pictures from my roommates camera so I can re-size them in the morning.
Superior, Xemnas

New UK stuff!

My Uncle got back from a trip on the Northern Broads today. He dropped off some presents, along with some Kids figures I'd asked him to get me from his local Tesco.
So..... UK have more stuff!

Dialga, Palkia & Elekible were clear, like most other people. I don't quite know what shop/where he got the others from, but stay tuned because I'll ask him tomorrow.

And, if that wasn't enough, a little burning monkey found his way into my home.
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Also, just a little note - I haven't been online much, so if you've emailed me within the past few days, I'll be replying tomorrow. Thanks!

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EVERYONE!!! Thank you SO MUCH for participating in the QWEST FOR THE LUXRAY PLUSHIE... i love all the artwork you did and it was all wonderful, cute and amazing!! i'd been struggling to pick just one winner and five runner-ups (there were too many entries for me to be able to give EVERYONE a pokemon kid ;-;), and i enlisted the help/advice of the resident boy and some other friends and characters from the story. i have settled on these five as the runners up!


and the ultimate winner of the luxray plushie is!!!!

again thanks to EVERYONE!! to anybody who did not get on this list, i still really appreciate your participation, and so if you entered, i will draw you your favourite pokemon - or...something! my art is crappy so this isn't much of a consolation, but please do reply here if you would like something! you are also all given slots in the LJ People Project of 2008, which you may/may not know/care about if you have my journal friended :D

you can ask for any pokekids from the last batch, OR, if you are excited for one of the upcoming kids releases in march/april, you can hold onto your ticket for a get-one-free then. you could ALSO pick from sunyshore's "retired" pokemon kids (just tell me who you want, no need to place an order!). i believe only ditto and growlithe are sold from that bunch, otherwise have at them!

IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE TOMORROW I MIGHT BE UNABLE TO GET IT FOR YOU! because i am going back to america soon (for 3 weeks, not forever). do let me know!

and thanks again to all!
(NON POKEMON RELATED! all entries can be viewed here! keep in mind not every single one of those was an entry... look for familiar names from the comm to see who else entered :D)

Shipping Update and Questions

Just wanted to let you guys know that, lazer and miss_fuu_chan your stuff was mailed off yesterday morning and warandromance the your cards for our trade were mailed out THIS morning =D

And I was just wondering...

goku_the_saru, I bought a Gardevoir ex card from you almost two weeks ago (Monday will be two weeks) and I have yet to receive it...So I was just wondering if that has been sent out yet...Seeing as the last time I asked you this in a post of mine you didn't reply.
fernchu, I was wondering if the cards I sent you for the trade arrived yet and if you sent the cards to me yet.

And also, merlin_the_wise, I just wanted to let you know that Gardevoir isn't here yet, but as soon as it gets here I'll let you know!!

And I am still looking for this Gallade figure if anyone knows where I can find it or if you have one for sale/trade ^_^

I still have my cards for sale HERE that I would really like to get rid of -.-; (or trade....or something -.-;)

Thanks all!

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GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! THE CARDS I BOUGHT OFF EBAY ARRIVED!...and oh my god, it's literally more than twice as much as I was expecting!


Don't pay attention to the price tags on some of the cards, they were there when I got them and I'll be pricing them around $1-2 depending on the card.
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I'm in a hurry right now, but I'll actually look through them all later and see their condition and which ones I want, and then I'm going to have a massive shop update around Sunday or so. So if you see anything you like here and are interested in purchasing it, prepare yourself :D
I know I'm holding the Shining Mew for somebody here though. And I'm actually expecting even MORE cards soon, probably by tomorrow or Monday, which will be just in time for the big sale I'm going to be having.

ALSO, I NEED SOME HELP! Does anybody know the difference between the American and Japanese Ancient mew cards? I know they both have different dates, but I don't know what dates they're supposed to have, exactly. I want to know because I'm trying to figure out if the Ancient Mew I got in this stash is the Japanese version or not. If anybody can help me out on that, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Trying this again!

ALL THE PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT CARDS FROM ME, PLEASE PLEASE, E-mail me your addresses to my LJ e-mail. I can not access my regular e-mail, ebay or Paypal,cause of this Dang MSN virus I got.


Jesus, anyone who has bought from me read ASAP

http://norkia.livejournal.com/profile Very much asked if her/his ( sorry ^^; ) Stuff had come. I sent them a reply. But this does bring something to mind. HAS ANYONE recived anything? Because I can 100% Guarintee I sent everything out. If you have recived could you PLEASE let me know. I know 3 People on another community ( I was selling a Spyro the dragon toy ) had got there item. If you have not recived the item, I am ( when I have the cash, should be very, very soon ) Am willing to completely Refund you Because of the delay. I may say I am terribly sorry. I do hope people have gotten there items. Because I know how much this can hurt and upset people because its annoyed me many times in the past. But if you wish to continue to wait to see if your item arrives. Let me stress this enough, PLEASE let me know. Because if these items have been lost during post I will go mad. As they were close to me items.I am SO upset and am worried to hell if anyones been trying to get in contact with me. Sorry again TT-TT; If you want you can leave how much I owe if you want a refund and I will pay ( You can invoice me on Paypal. and I will get back to you ) Sorry again! I hope you have recived them and there being cared for =)



Contents of my SMJ box today - ^_^! More under the cut.

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I just bought this.


I am indescribably excited about this - you have NO idea. I refuse to actually commission the artist because of the long wait times, but she makes gorgeous plush. This one was premade, which is why I bought it. It is jointed, and pretty big, so she says, though I don't know the exact dimensions. She will go very nicely with my large shiny Umbreon. *_*

EDIT: She just gave me the basic dimensions - about 10" high (not including the bendable ears), and 8-9" long, but that doesn't include the tail, which is wired!
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I feel like a stupid asking this. I just signed up for a SMJ account, and I understand the whole sign up thing, but when it comes to browsing auctions, I'm lost. I'm looking for lots of pokemon kids figures, and zukan and whatnot. But how do you even start to search for this stuff? Any help is appreciated!