February 10th, 2008



This has been a bit overdue, but I decided to take updated pictures of my eeveelutions collection.

I mainly collect - well, I think it's pretty obvious - Umbreon and Espeon, but I have a few items of the others as well. (I may sell some of the non Umby-Espy stuff off eventually, but not at the moment.) Umbreon and Espeon are the only two I will collect virtually anything of. ^_^


More under the cut! If you have any questions as to what any of the items are, just comment. ^_^

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Also, I'm curious - What plushes have you guys commissioned, and what artist did you use? ^_^


There are a few missing however - the custom Raikou by Setsunakou - http://steelwing.deviantart.com/art/Custom-Raikou-Doll-59139918 as well as the Aron juumou made for me - http://juumou.deviantart.com/art/Custom-Aron-Plush-72478899

I had two others done by Setsunakou, but I don't like them very much. ^_^;
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Single-item post, but I just love it so much :D :D :D

Anyone who knows what Hot Topic is knows they like playing the retro game, so they've been touching back on oldskool pokemon recently for merch. This is perfectly fine with me, since most my babies are Gen1 anyway. But I don't go to the mall much, let alone Hot Topic. 8D; It's just so outragously expensive.

My friend called me and told me she got me a gift, and I was excited 8>

SHE TOTALLY TEASED ME WITH PICTURES OF IT BEFORE ACTUALLY GIVING TO ME, so that made getting it all the more sweeter 8D

Ochrist I love my friends. ;_____; ♥


I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have/know where to find a higher quality, bigger version of this?

It's a playing card :>

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Hey guys?

If you are going to take photos from and copy text directly from a website, please give them credit.

I am affiliated on Sunyshore to http://pokemonfigure.blogspot.com/ , and have given you guys info thanks to their website before - but now somebody has copied their text EXACTLY (copy and paste) and took their photo and have no association with them and did not give then any credit/link.

The person who runs that is a Japanese person taking time out of their life to make an English toy blog for us, and they were very hurt to find that someone had copied their info word for word and pasted it here.

Please don't do that, please? It's a great site, and they have photos of stuff before anyone else, especially in the case of Pokemon Kids, so we don't want them to go away, trust me!

A lot of you were super excited for those photos of the new March Kids, so it would be helpful and very sweet if you commented with a word of thanks to the owner of that site! I can then send the message along, if they don't see it themselves.

Thanks guys!

Hello, finally a member and had a question!

I've been a lurker for a while, admiring people who have collections of their favorite pokémon, and after my partner purchased a Gastly figurine, my interest in collecting has finally come to fruition!

I apologize if this isn't allowed, but I was curious if anyone knows of any merchandise related to Tauros or Ursaring. I haven't seen much anywhere, so I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction!
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I was originally going to postpone this as I'm going to have wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, but I felt that it's best to go ahead and post this. Just to warn, however, that I probably won't be able to send most things out until next week due to said surgery.

Anyhow, I'm selling a lot of Pokemon things in my journal again. Included are sealed rare zukan sets, over 100 Pokemon Kids, and miscellaneous plushies and figures straight from my personal collection. Orders over $25 will get a free full-color digital Pokemon drawing from me. Please check it out if you have time.


EDIT: If you want to buy something, please comment over there.
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Lookin' for some stuff :3

Hello everyone! :D
Lately I've been trying to grab a bunch of stuff for my collections (more that I usually do at one time anyway). For the most part it's been a great success...except there are a few things I'm pretty desperate for.

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Also: anyone who I owe money to I shall send it out on Monday :) This means you pheonixxfoxx!
If anyone still has an uncompleted trade with me you can comment here. I think there's only two of you :)
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Hoodies pickupz! :D

Two more down! :D

First was a commission from deviantart. ^^
It's basically the same as the one I made for myself, but I think the detailing came out way better. xD;;

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And then this one if for capt_kitty~! ♥


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Commissions are still closed until I ship out more hoodies. :_: I should have 2 more completed before I head away on Tuesday. ♥♥

Also~ blodia I am almost done programming the design into the machine! ♥ I am just working on the outline that goes around the design (the most tedious part xD;;) So I will try to get it to tonight after dinner! ^-^
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Collections Update!

I received a bunch of packages last week from some people from the community and just wanted to post a picture of my haul.

Also, I'm still waiting for my Hitmons zukan...I'm not sure who I bought it from >_o  ( I should really keep a list of the people I buy from)  If you sold me the Hitmons zukan, can you please let me know if you shipped them out already? I remember paying for it almost 2 weeks ago...

Without further adieu....

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i've been buying SO much pokemon stuff lately
online and locally...
got 3 meowths from a friendly member here <33
some figures lately from a store, and a pokemon lolipop that came with a sick necklace 
and mewtwo figure
however, i'll take pictures of my collection later :) gotta find somewhere to store ALL of it hehehe

ANYWAYS.. the point of this post XD
my ninja picture
thats right...
i took this picture (and wasn't supposed tooo...hehe) of a few pokemon figures for sale in chinatown
its a huge skinny long display case with a long shelve FULL

pokemon toys = love <3


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Hi, everybody! Long time no see! Sorry I have been so dead! ;3; I have been in lurk-mode for awhile now, but, as you know, juumou and I are now in full swing gathering photos and data for the PokePlush Project, and that's rekindled my collecting enthusiasm. :3 I've been sorting all the plushie photos that you kind folks have been donating- you've been such a big help! ;3;

Still on the lookout for pictures and info of any plushies you have! At the moment, this is currently what we need the most:

- BELL PLUSH PHOTOS. Seriously. If anybody has pictures of these little rarities, we'd love em. We only have really small, low-res shots of most of them so far. (Seriously- they're about 50 pixels tall and blurry.)
- Pokemon Friends- We have a good number so far, but we're especially looking for ODD POKEMON- like birds, bugs, and the monsters that haven't had a lot of plushies made of them.
- Big Pokemon Center Plush. Legendary Dogs, Birds, Lapras (please!), whatever else is out there and huge and only available from the Pokemon Center. X3
- International Plushes. Dolls from the UK, Canada (lol PlaybyPlay), Europe, Brazil, Mexico- basically any (OFFICIAL- no HK bootlegs, please X3) plush that doesn't come from the US or Japan. WE WILL LOVE YOU LONG TIME.
- And we're looking for any plushies we've missed of the following Pokemon (We have the Pokedolls for all that apply):
Latios and Latias
Wigglytuff (we only have the Reversable Pokeball plush so far, and I am almost positive there are more)
First Gen Finals: Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur- non-American are preferred. We already have pretty much all of the American Hasbro ones, the fuzzy recall Tomy ones, as well as the cute Banpresto ones that came out in Japan last year. (Does anybody know if PlayByPlay made a Venusaur?)
- And, just generally, any obscure, old plush, the more random the Pokemon, the better!

So yeah, all are humble requests. Thanks so much for your interest, guys, this is shaping up to be awesome so far, and we can't do it without you!


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Sale Closed

I've closed the sale a little early. Thanks again.


meowthcollector - Your package has been shipped yesterday Saturday Feb 9th.

gc_chicken - Your package has been shipped yesterday Saturday Feb 9th.

fairymon7 - You've sent me an echeck. It says it will be cleared on the 20th. I'll let you know if it clears and when I'll ship the package.

kasaiface - Are you still interested in the items you wanted? You haven't responded to the last comment I sent you. Please let me know.

goku_the_saru - I've got your payment. I'll ship the items out tomorrow Monday morning. Thank you!
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Kids for sale :3

So, I posted last night about some Kids for sale. Apparantly the set I'd seen was different to the UK ones, and these look like they're Australian exclusives because the Kids in these sets are different. >_>

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