February 11th, 2008

Vaerin centra


I spotted this on eBay and I have NEVER seen it before: http://cgi.ebay.com/Japan-Pokemon-card-Kangaskhan-DPBP-131-DP4_W0QQitemZ280199900522QQihZ018QQcategoryZ60238QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZ

Is it new? Rare? I don't play the TCG so I have no idea. I look at eBay pretty often when I'm bored and this is the first time I've seen it.. I would totally buy it, but look at the shipping for europe! $15! $15 FOR A CARD??

Edit: Ah so it's just new, thanks guys. I'll wait until it's a more agreeable price. I couldn't pay that much for a card anyway, and I'm glad it's likely a common. One good thing about liking a generally unpopular pokemon is that buying stuff for it is cheap. ;D
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Did ANYONE pull a Darkrai Lv. X at the prereleases over the weekend that they are willing to actually trade? I've got Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, Magmortar, and Electivire all in their Level X forms that I can trade, along with plenty of other stuff. I'm desperately seeking them to use at states next month. And don't tell me to just wait on the tins. They don't come out until April! Crossposted to Pokemon.
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I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures of my updated collection thanks to college, but I finally managed to do so. Most of what I collect are Flying pokemon so there's certainly a bunch of those in the pics.

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Pokemon - Buds

Sales post of RANDOM STUFF

Like, for serious.

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I'm also having a "I want to sell these plz" sale type thing.
Every unsold card here for $20 shipped.

Every unsold item here for $30 shipped.

(Paypal only please, it's a lot less hassle. International shipping costs more, so I'll have to add some onto prices. Things get shipped out every Monday or Tuesday.)

A plushie sales post!

I bought this lot of plushies a couple days ago, and I really only want the Corphish plush from the lot.
The Tailow and Azuril are Hasbro plush, and the Meowth is a Tomy. I'm going to auction off the other three from this lot. Bidding on each of them starts at 8.00, and will end on Sunday night sometime. Shipping will be around 5.00 to the US, and probably around 6 everywhere else. Thanks for looking!


Meowth: 8.00 - maniac_online


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I haven't posted here in a loong time.
I actually just have a few questions this time.

1. Does anyone have the Bidoof kid that they'd be willing to sell or trade? I know darkyo had one but I just can't afford $10 and I don't want to cheat her out of money. So yeah, it's one of the only Bidoof things I don't have!

2.Second, what ever happened to the hat maker? I don't remember her LJ name, but I was wanting to commision something from her and she said she'd get back to me really soon and that was before Christmas! Definately rethinking that one.

3. Has anyone who bought stuff from enhosgirl got their stuff? I got a Krabby/Kingler zukan from her and I never got it and that was almost a month ago and I've been trying to contact her with no response. I wanted to give it to my mom because she works at Red Lobster lol.

4. You know what sucks? I spent like $15 on this tin and a few packs of cards a while back ago. It was the three legendary birds one because Articuno is my favorite and it just magically disappeared. I'm so sad over it. No one even knows where it's at or remembers seeing it. Plus, it had a bunch of stickers and cards in it =(

5. To the person who was holding the Articuno keychain. I'm sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you. I forgot your lj name and couldn't find any emails. But alas! I can pay you on Friday because our financial fiasco is over however we still got a little royally screwed.

6. The girl with the Dratini and Articuno keychains I wanted to buy? Where are you? You never got back to me! Hellooooo.

Sorry for this longg stupid post, I'm just trying to get in contact with these peopls.

Cards for trade! :D

Warning: This post is VERY image heavy. :D;;

So, I've been going through PokeBeach(I credit them for the images on my wanted cards) looking at cards and figuring out which I absolutely love and was wondering if anyone wanted to do trades? 8D At the moment I am not looking to buy cards, so please no links to where I can buy them. I already know where, and I highly prefer trades.

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A lot of these are commons, so I'm sure some of you have them, right? D: I'm also fine with non-holo versions of any of those, it really doesn't matter to me. So... let me know what we can work out!
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Arrrgh, HALP! :c

Okay, so I bought a beautiful Croagunk Zukan that came in a sealed package, so this is in NO way the sellers fault. Anyway, it came today, and with much squeeing and package opening I poured everything out on the table to look at and put together.

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Do they make these kind of mistakes all the time with Zukans? Or... am I just the unluckiest person here? xD I don't ever remember reading about this happening to anyone elese.
Well, I was also wondering if anyone had the same problem or at least wanted to sell me the part/trade. I really love the zukan but want my Toxicroak to be whole, y'know? I don't want to have to resort to making him a limb (lulz, automail).

So! While I'm here, might as well ask something else I've always wondered!

Anyone know what these cards are called / where they came from?

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I got them from a Japanese pen pal in 1999, I think. :3
Any help would be great!

One last thing, I'm also looking for the card mentioned in this post!
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Collecting in your sleep...

Just a reminder that if you've bought something from my sales post, I plan to have everything shipped out no later than Tuesday the 19th. (And if I need more time, I'll let you all know.) This gives me time to recover from my upcoming operation as well as time to actually organize and prepare the shipments without rushing myself too hard. A big THANK YOU to those who bought something; it was very overwhelming since it's the first time I've had such a large sales post, but in spite of that I learned a few things to put into practice for future sales of mine. That said, my sales are now CLOSED to allow me time to pull everything together and complete some transactions, but they'll return in a more organized fashion sometime next week.

Now, on to the real point of my post... has anyone unintentionally collected a certain Pokemon?

Basically, all of these guys came as parts of lots and other things I bought (aside from the binder, of course) and I just kept them since I like Manaphy. I never went out of my way to buy said lots because of Manaphy, and yet... ^_^;;; In fact, the upcoming Manaphy kid will be the first thing I'll go out of my way to buy; on SMJ I even bought the newest set of zukan that includes Manaphy and Phione (despite the fact that I mostly got it for the Chatot/Honchkrow capsule; in fact, I like all but ONE of the capsules featured in said zukan set). XD

Pics of my actual Pokemon collections are coming soon, I swear!
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DB// yup that was me
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Actually, this doesn't make sense.

AHAHA, I just now realized that all the guys on US Tomy Slowpoke are Japanese too. OHHH well. POOR US TOMY IS ALL RONERY. ; ;

I just got the Jap Tomy slowpoke today, but the original seller was less than smart and used a bootleg image on the auction. I thought I was getting an official Jap slowpoke with an all-pink tail, BUT NOPE. Not that big a loss though. Funny enough, I'm also waiting for a REAL bootleg to come in. 8D

Considering selling him, still not sure yet.

ALSOOO got a butt-ton of cards in today (including kanackering's :D), but I'm waiting for more stuff to come in first before I show it all.
Zigzagoon Ooyama

Surprises :D

I'm just making a small collection update. I received two packages today, both full of great surprise freebies :D
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Finally, I'll be expecting THIS at my doorstep in the next few days


DUN DUN DUNNN. My first ever Pokemon booster box purchase :O
OH, and if you ordered anything from my [shop], it'll be shipped out TOMORROW. If you have something on hold and want to get it, now would be the perfect time to pay for your items. I've got like 10-15 packages to send out, haha

I don't remember if I showed my Japan Pokemon pics

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Shipped off LOTS of stuff! + Collection updates :D

EVERYONE'S packages went out today that bought from me!! Be sure to let me know when they get there ?

In some other news Im selling a complete set of Fire Red/Leaf Green Bird EXs (Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres) If there is no interest here I'll set it up on Ebay but I figure I would let you guys have at them at first. As of now nothing else there is for sale buuuut....I may take offers?


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And that would be it.
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Random Rares and Holos for SALE - Taking offers

Here are some random rares and holos I'm looking to get rid of,
I'll take offers on individuals or the whole lot.
Right now I am only taking paypal payments ^_^ (no e-checks)
-Not looking to trade right now, just selling. Thanks!

(Also have an Espeon EX holo, I'll take offers on)


-rayquaza ex
-light arcanine
-Espeon ex
Pixel Pair

Giant Plush Pokemon Appeared!

Hey guys, I was browsing my old auction links and found something I haven't seen before - some rare giant plush! Normally I wouldn't post the auction link in case someone here was bidding, but this one is so expensive that I think not more than a few people here (if any at all) would be willing to buy it for that. If this is what you've been looking for and you wanna bid, go to it! There are still over 2 days left, and it's already up to this...

Who could it be?

Mostly, I just thought people would like to see the pictures ^_^ I'd never seen it anywhere myself.